Tired of the same old things in your house or apartment? We all go through those phases when a change would do us good. Unfortunately, our wallets do not always allow for an interior designer to redo our space. Here are ten cheap decorating tips that will change the look of any room without leaving you broke.

Wall color can make a big difference in any room. The right shade can make a room look bigger, cozy, light, bright or inviting. The best part about paint is the low cost per gallon and the wide variety of choices. Choose a color you like. Don’t worry about what is in fashion. You are the one who has to look at it everyday. Also, consider painting one wall a different color as an accent. It’s a great way to enhance a particular part of the room.

This step requires a trip to your local craft store or even Wal-Mart. The fabric section in these stores offers shoppers a rainbow of colors in every texture imaginable. A good tip is to look at the clearance section. Some fabrics are often sold for less than two dollars a yard. These fabrics make great table covers. Use them on a coffee table, end table, sofa table or dining room table. If you are not a seamstress by trade, consider picking up a bottle of fabric glue. It can be used to clean up edges by acting as thread on a seam.

Now that you have taken care of the walls and tables, consider adding a new shade of fabric to furniture. Furniture covers are a great value that change the look and feel of couches and chairs. These covers also add years to your furniture. They protect the cushions and fabrics from dust and other everyday elements.

Throw rugs make a great addition to both hardwood and carpeted floors. Throw rugs can be found in nearly every department store. They are a great alternative to new carpeting and offer a great way to accent your favorite table or special area of a room.

From throw rugs to throw pillows. Small accent pillows can be found everywhere. They can be priced on the high side for the purpose they serve, but if you are at all craft inclined buy some extra yards of fabric and some filling. You can add small decorations like buttons that will match the theme and colors of your room.

Decorations such as vases or figurines are a great way to display your personality in your home, but they can be expensive. A cheap alternative can be found at a dollar store. Although they may look tacky in the store, small figurines and glasses look completely different when displayed simply.

Get the family photos out of the albums. Many people have box after box of photographs of family and friends. Get those photos out and display them. If there are certain photos you love, pull those out and enlarge them. Printing stores can often enhance pictures. Don’t just take out the red eye. You can make the picture black and white and create a whole new display.

Music lovers have great pieces of art just waiting to be displayed. Find the album covers that come with your CD’s. Create a collage of your favorite artist and hang it on the wall.

Candles are extremely popular. They can be found in every scent and color imaginable. There is no need to spent $20 on a large glass candle. Buy small tea lights. Take two of the tea lights and put them in glasses you don’t use. This is an elegant look that can be used in any room.

Large pieces of art can be high priced. Instead of buying traditional framed art, get an old quilt or afghan. These large pieces of material cover a large portion of a wall. They can be used to hide imperfections on walls and add depth to flat painted walls.