One room in your house is easier to redecorate on a dime than all the others. The bathroom. It may not be the heart of the house like the kitchen, or where you rest your head at night like your bedroom but your bathroom can be a serene retreat. With just a few simple updates the boring old WC becomes a welcoming spa.

1. Paint. It’s such an easy and inexpensive way to spruce up any room yet many people just don’t do it. A bathroom is a perfect place to experiment with color. You may not want the family room painted tangerine but a small bathroom is a great place for a burst of bright colors. A dark turquoise looks amazing with pale blue and sea-green accents for a more relaxed feel. Even just giving your walls a fresh coat of the same color works wonders on a room’s look but don’t forget the baseboards. A large bathroom can be painted for under $100.

2. Plumbing Fixtures. Your faucet, toilet handle/flusher, and tub amp; shower fixtures are fast and frugal to replace. A satin nickel or antiqued bronze finish throughout the bathroom transform the entire feel of the room.
For under $100 you can easily replace these pieces.

3. Towel Rack, Shower Curtain Rod, Toilet Paper Holder, Door Handles and Light Switch Plates. As with the plumbing fixtures above, a new finish or design turn boring hardware into a creative expression.
All of this hardware can be switched out for around $85.

4. Wastebasket. Why can’t your trash can be pretty? Painted and Ceramic wastebaskets can be pricey at around $35 at most department stores. Look for natural fibers like sea grass and wicker that work with any decor.
These types of trash cans can be found for under $15 at most big box stores.

5. Rugs. A well placed rug adds warmth and color to a bathroom. Whether a traditional, fluffy, contour rug around the toilet or a vibrant, modern rug below the sink, a rug gives the room a level of depth and comfort. Rugs are also a great way to utilize contrasting or accent colors. If your walls are yellow, lay down a blue rug. A purple shower curtain would be accented nicely by a sage green rug.
Rugs range in price greatly, but a moderately priced, decorative rug and a simple bath mat will come to a total of around $35.

6. Lighting. Most of us overlook the contractor grade vanity lights installed in our bathrooms though lights are easy to replace and can add a bit of flair to the room. From ultra-modern to old-fashioned, pick something that represents you.
You can replace a typical vanity light for under $100.

7. Vent and Exhaust Returns. Those little vents for air conditioning and heat can get rusty pretty quickly in a high moisture area like the bathroom. One of the least expensive items to replace, they are often overlooked.
You can buy replacements for them at most home improvement and hardware stores for under $8.

8. Shower Curtain and Rings. Such an easy thing to update I almost forget it. A new shower curtain alone breathes new energy into the bathroom. Make sure to update those tired, old shower curtain rings as well for a fresh look.
An average shower curtain and a set of decorative rings will run you about $60.

9. Towels. A brand new set of towels hanging up is always appropriate in a bathroom. Toss out those dingy, old, flat ones and replace them with something fluffy. Whether you prefer classic white ones or brightly colored towels in contrasting colors, they are sure to add some new life to the room.
A new set of 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and 2 washcloths will start at around $40

10. Accents. From pillar candles to tissue holders, hanging artwork to lotion pumps, a few decorative accents will turn any room into a place of personal expression. Take some favorite photos and have them printed in black and white, hang them in black frames and you have simple and refined artwork that works with any decorating style. A couple of lightly scented candles in different sizes add bursts of color to vanity.
You can add a few attractive accents to your bathroom for under $30.