Decorating with candles in the bedroom is a fun designer way to get a romantic glow that will make your bedroom professionally decorated. In place of simply setting a pillar candle in a dish on the nightstand, try using these unique ideas for decorating with candles in the bedroom that will make a huge design statement.

Tip: These same ideas for decorating with candles in the bedroom can really be used in any room in the home.

Candle Decorating Projects #1: Candle Grids

One of the most dramatic ways to use candles in the bedroom is to look for a candle wall sconce you like. Now, buy 9 of them! Yes, nine. You need some drama here and drama comes in large numbers.

Now, on your wall mark out a grid to hang them in. You want 3 rows of 3 to run across and down.

Space each wall sconce far enough apart so that they look even, well spaced, and will not let off so much heat they melt the candle next to each other! Try this look over the bed or even on the first wall you see when you walk into the room.

This one works well with tea candles, pillar candles, and tapered candles, but be sure to use no drip candles.

Candle Décorating Projects #2: Chandelier

One of the most romantic ways to dress up a room with candles is to replace an existing electric chandelier with a candle chandelier. You can find these in black wrought iron that ar perfect for holding pillar candles Again, I recommend sticking with the non drip candles for this one.

If you can not afford a new chandelier, then simply take the old bulbs out of your existing chandler Paint it out with hammered metal black spray paint.

Now, slip in candles in the electrical holders. Use those no drop candles or lien vacuole with aluminum foil to prevent ruining the ceiling fixture. This is an easy and temporary way to get the look on a dime.

Candle Decorating Projects #3: Candle Lamps

Check out the candle section of your local home décor store the next time you are in thee. They make ht coolest smaller lamps that really are elaborate candle holders with shades! Hey come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, so pick on e that will add something to your room.

This is quick, easy and will not damage a wall with holes!