Vintage wood trunks and vintage leather trunks are a great way to decorate a bedroom and create tons of useable storage. If you love a hip, industrial décor, or vintage style of interior design, then try these fun ideas for using vintage trunks in the bedroom.

Vintage Trunk Bedroom Décor #1: Desk

Vintage trunks make an awesome desk for your bedroom. If you need to have a computer in your room or need to study, then this is a fun way to get a cool looking desk on a small budget.

Simply make two stalks of small wood trunks. Space them out so a chair fits in between them. Measure how wide and deep the sticks are. Now, either top this off with a piece of plywood cut to size or a sheet of nice beveled glass.

If you use the sheet of plywood be sure to sand it and paint it out to match your trunks to keep the retro trunk theme going.

Vintage Trunk Bedroom Décor #2: Easy Shelves

Trunks, retro trunks, and vintage wood trunks of al sizes can be transformed into cool shelves with the addition of some simple wood shelving ct to size.

First take Th two largest trunks.. Place them against a wall about 3 feet apart. Have a sheet of wood cut to size to lay on top as a shelf. Now, top off with to more trunks. You will not want to work to high creating these shelves o they could topple over.

You can also up stuff in the trunks to ad stability and screw the wood shelves into the trunks as well. Get creative as you want and you will have some fun one of a kind shelves made from vintage trunks!

Vintage Trunk Bedroom Décor #3: Create a Closet

Large trunks are perfect for making a free standing closet in a large room or loft. To do this you will want to make two stacks of trunks. Make them the same height as the clothing bar in yoru closet.

Space the trunks out so they are about 4 feet apart. Have a piece of copper plumbing pipe cut to this length. Use two plumbing flanges to screw the rod into the trunks. You can hang clothes, shoe bags, and laundry bags on this just like you would a closet rod.

This is a fun way to stay organized in a large space that lacks a closet.