Vintage ceiling tiles make awesome decorating projects in any room of the house, but especially the bathroom. You can decorate a shabby chic bathroom using vintage tin ceiling tiles in new and unique ways.

Here are 3 ways to decorate wit vintage tin ceiling tiles in your shabby chic bathroom!

Vintage Tin Ceilgin Tile Crafts #1: Mirror Frame

One of my favorite ways to create a cool shabby chic vibe in the bathroom is to frame out the mirror with vintage tin ceiling tiles. So, you may think that they are simply too large fo this. They aren’t!

If you are lucky enough to have a ton of room around your mirror, then use the tin tiles as large as possible.

If not, use a metal cutting saw to cut each tile down into 4 smaller tiles. You can use a blow torch to burn and age the fresh cut edges. You can also sand them if you are worried about sharp edges.

Now, use epoxy glue to adhere them in a frame pattern around th mirror!

Vintage Tin Ceilgin Tile Crafts #2: Ceiling Medallion

If you rent or own your home you can create a simple ceiling medallion out of a vintage tin ceiling tile with the help of a drill. Use large drill bit that will cut about a 3 inch holes in the center of the metal tile.

Now, take out the light bulb and remove the light fixture. Slide the tin up in the cord and replace everything you had to take down.

You can also use a little glue if you own your home. In most cases the tin is light enough to be help in place by the glass globe.

You may want to seal this tile with matte clear paint to prevent any further rusting.

Vintage Tin Ceilgin Tile Crafts #3: Tissue Box

OK, so you do not want to glue anything to the wall? Well, try making a tissue box cover out of vintage ceiling tins. No one will call this the granny look in your shabby chic bathroom.

Use that same saw to cut each square fo ceiling tile down into smaller squares that are slightly larger than each see of the box of tissues you like to use.

Use fast drying epoxy glue to adhere all the sides together in a cube shape. Leave the bottom open.

You can dill a hole in the top with a 2 inch drill bit and sand the edges!