Designer decorating tips for the bedroom add function, a great look, and an easy lifestyle in the bedroom.
Decorating mistakes in the bedroom can leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed in a space that is supposed ot be a sanctuary in your home. Here are 5 designer bedroom tips to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary.

Designer Bedroom Decorating Tips #1: Storage

If you leave out the storage in your bedroom, then chances are the clutter will start piling up. Clutter, random items from around the house, and clothes you tried on, but did not hang you are the quickest way to make a great bedroom look bad.

Add stylish storage, like storage trunks, at the foot of the bed. You can se a row of upholstered leather storage ottomans. Make one the dirty laundry! Drop a basket inside and no one will ever know.

Designer Bedroom Decorating Tips #2: Furniture

The opposite of lack of storage is simply having way too much furniture. Nothing is worse then walking into a bedroom that has rows of dressers lined up against the wall. This creates a boring look and most likely a miss matched look.

Try using other storage ideas versus all the dressers. You can use small wire draws that fit in the closet. You can even use more hanging storage in side. Try placing plastic drawers under the best to hold off season clothing.

Now, get that extra furniture out. Free up some floor space and let some of the walls in your bedroom show!

Designer Bedroom Decorating Tips #3: Dress Those Windows

I know many people simply use their blind as window dressing in their bedroom, but this simply gives a bare just moved in feeling. At the very least, try switching out your metal blinds for fabric roman shades.

G the extra step and add curtain panels to each window. The layered look of the fabric will add warmth, luxury, and even a little serenity to yoru bedroom.

Designer Bedroom Decorating Tips #4: Controlling Light

Don’t forget those lamps. Sometimes only having a lamp on each night stand is not enough. Try adding a third light. It really makes a room warm and inviting to have a triangular configuration of lamps or lights.

A simple floor lamp is a great addition. Add it next to a chair or even a dresser. The added light will create a cozy and warm feel, which has so much better than a dark cave!

Designer Bedroom Decorating Tips #5: Paint Colors

Finally, get rid of that crazy paint color on the wall! You know who you are. Neon green paint has its uses, but not in the bedroom. Opt instead for more neutral earth tones. The look is current, designer, popular, restful, and bet of all luxurious!