The advancements in technology and design have opened up a lot of exciting options for home owners who want to renovate their bathrooms. It is now possible to turn your bathroom into an entertaining and comfortable haven rivaling your living room or family den. If you’ve been planning to remodel your bathroom but could never put your finger on what you wanted to do with it, consider the following design traits of contemporary bathrooms.

Many contemporary bathrooms really emphasize ambiance and sound to to enhance the environment. Many homeowners are putting in skylight windows with adjustable awnings in order to bathe in the sun or even moonlight. Another lighting feature that is common in contemporary bathrooms is adjustable lighting.

Adjustable lighting tracks can swivel to adjust the direction of the light, and can also be switched between dim and bright. For sound, many homeowners are installing stereo systems via consoles and speaker panels that are put directly into the walls. This is great for playing soothing tunes or nature sounds, or even listening to lively rock music or the news to start your day.

Another common item in contemporary bathrooms is seating furniture. Many homeowners are wanting to make their bathrooms into a place where they can hang out, perhaps to relax, read, have a beverage, or run the shower hot and make it into a sauna. Currently hot in the market are chaises with ottomans. These are versatile pieces of furniture that you can use to either sit or lay down.

Whirlpool and spa tubs are another feature of contemporary bathrooms. These luxury items allow you to sit and bathe in comfort, whether it is by yourself or with someone else. These days, many are equipped with digital control over temperature and jets for more precision. Many are programmable so you can save your preferences and have the perfect bathing experience every time.

Today’s high tech showers are able to precisely control water temperature, pressure, and the way in which the water leaves the shower head. Do you want a fine mist or do you want a waterfall? Or perhaps you want to be lost in a tropical rain storm? The choice is yours. Nowadays, there are shower stalls that can dry you off with warm air instead of you having to use a towel.

One of the newest items to hit the market is the digital display mirror. It’s a mirror with touch screen capabilities that lets you watch TV or browse the internet. You can literally view the morning traffic report while you shave or brush your teeth.

Frameless glass shower stalls are also in. These provide a much more sleek appearance to their framed counterparts. That said, many home owners are opting for clear glass instead of frosted glass. This also makes for a clean look, but also makes the bathroom look a lot bigger.

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