Bath Decorating Ideas Using Pink Collectibles

A bathroom decorated in shades of pink can look warm and feminine. You can use collectible or antique accents to create a uniquely decorated powder room. These are ideas to consider for bathroom décor using pink vintage memorabilia.

Bathroom Decorating Accents of Pink Vintage Lipstick Holders

A collection of vintage figural lipstick holders would create a fun look of femininity for a pink color scheme bathroom. The middle decades of the 1900s – 30s – 60s, produced some interesting pieces, such as female or animal shaped holders. For instance, you might display a few 1950s figural lipstick holders, such as a ceramic piece, pretty blond girl with hair bows and a 3-D pink flower full skirt made to hold lipstick tubes. Or another vintage collectible shaped and decorated as a Colonial debutante in ball gown costume. Or maybe a pink figural lipstick holder in the form of a mermaid in front of a shell shaped mirror. Vintage animal shaped pieces, such as pink poodle lipstick holders would be fun to add as well.

Bathroom Decorating Accents of Pink Vintage Powder Boxes

Antique and collectible talcum powder boxes, decorated in pink tones, made from different materials would complement the feminine looking lipstick holders. Depending on the amount of counter or shelf space in your bathroom, you could display a few special boxes or a small collection. For example, vintage glass powder boxes could range from delicately cut glass antique pieces of all pink, or combination pink and clear glass. Or maybe a 1920s geometric Art Deco design powder box of pink glass with black edging and accents.

Some boxes featuring pink mixed with other colors would be attractive – such as an early 1900s pink and green floral enamel box with applied silver leaf accents. Or a pale pink ceramic box with figural roses on top, and white hobnail outlining the bottom. Even later vintage boxes such as 1950s and 60s diamond design Lucite pieces or pink pearlized hard plastic designs would look unusual.

Bathroom Decorating Accents of Pink Vintage Towels

A set of pink colored or decorated vintage towels would make cute wall décor to compliment your other decoratives. You might decorate with these only, using another bar of regular towels for normal use. Possible collectible towels you could use include linen kitchen towels printed with floral or other designs, older cotton towels with hand embroidered designs and needlework edgings, or vintage towels monogrammed with initials, “His” and Hers” etc. Look for pink fabric or fun pink designs on these vintage textiles to blend with your color scheme.