Your bedroom is not the room that most visitors of your house get to see (at least not initially), so decorating the bedroom is one of the most personal designing that most homeowners do. The central idea here is to provide a cozy, comfortable, and unique sanctuary that you can use to escape from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Following some of these following tips can help you to do this.

The goal here is to decorate on a budget without looking like it. First let’s look at some things we can do with what we have already before you start to throw those old bedroom items away. Got an old pillowcase that you don’t want to use anymore? Try emptying the contents and using the case(s) for laundry bags. These can also be used for great computer dust covers.

Now how about some new pillow covers for your bed. Try using T-shirts, Curtains, and Tablecloths. Just cut to equal-sized pieces from this material. And then sew them together at the ends, leaving the top open to add filling material. Filling material can be rags, socks, or cotton balls. Just add this material and sew the top, and your ready to rest your head.

Don’t want to pay for expensive wallpaper? The next time you go to the gas station purchase one or more large folded maps. Paint your wall that you want to use. Add some wall paper paste to the back of your map, and apply to the wall just like you would regular wallpaper. Then presto, you have a totally unique wall paper design.

Running out of storage space? If you’ve got a lot of things in your bedroom it’s good to make sure your optimized ALL the space that you’ve got including underneath your bed. Add wheels to an old dresser drawer. Use this under your bed to store cloths, books, or any other item needing storage. Use an old wooden shutter and place behind bedroom door. Either purchase hooks or use wire hangers to attach to shutter to hang shirts, jackets, hats, etc.

Cut off the tops of milk, water, and detergent bottles and place at the bottom of your closets to store socks, pantyhose, and other accessories.

Reduce closer odors or just freshen the air by adding a jar filled with baking soda. Punch a hole in the top and place it on a closet shelf. You will need to change this every 2-3 months.

You see, just by using items already around the house you can increase storage space in your bedroom as easy as 1-2-3!