What is the last room we see at night and the first one we wake up in? If you don’t find being in the master bedroom anywhere near relaxing, maybe it’s time for a makeover. Here are a few ideas to help turn your room into a serene place to unwind:

The first step in giving your room a makeover is to evaluate the furniture and the amount of it you have. Pieces that don’t match sometimes give the room a crowded, messy look and an excess of furniture can make the room appear smaller. See what furniture you can get rid of, or relocated throughout the house to give your bedroom a roomier look.

Make use of storage drawers or boxes to cut down on clutter. The master bedroom should be relaxing, so through organizing, you’ll have more space for needed items or even decorations. Getting rid of clutter can also help make the room seem more put together or spacious.

Find furniture that’s proportional to the room or to other pieces such as the mattress or dresser. Sometimes it’s a good idea to invest in a solid bed set and good mattress, instead of holding onto the old one. Try to also keep furniture from covering windows, because sunlight can make the room appear larger, and covered windows may make the room appear overcrowded.

Earth tones are great universal colors to decorate your master bedroom. Providing soothing colors are great for both men and women. Try painting with contrasting colors and adding some additional color to the room through curtains or vibrant pillows on the bed.

Use comfy and natural fabrics in your master bedroom to make it more relaxing. Try adding a thick rug if you have a wood floor, to warm up the room and also add comfort. Comforters that contain down feathers are a warm, luxurious option for bedding.

Instead of taking up space on the furniture for photo frames and knick-knacks, try making a collage out of photos and adding to the wall for a splash of color. Adding shelves to the walls are also a great way to add some d├ęcor, while also displaying your favorite mementos.

Make sure the lighting is not too harsh, and if you like to read, find a lamp that has adequate light for that purpose. If there’s enough floor space in your master bedroom, try adding a reading chair to relax in without having to climb on the bed during the day.

There are a variety of places you can shop to improve the state of your master bedroom. Shopping at Pier One or the Pottery Barn can offer great, inexpensive pieces that really transform the look of the master bedroom. Storage boxes can be found at numerous amounts of stores, making it easy to organize. Ikea is an economical way to decorate an entire room for a low price, or even pick out selected pieces that can bring a room together.

No matter how you decorate your room, you should try making it as relaxing as possible. Leave the busy stuff and clutter for the office, because that’s where it belongs, not in the master bedroom!