Paint is a versatile decorating tool. Shades of every color in the rainbow are available to go with or contrast against any color in your decorating design. Even painting small areas of a room can provide dramatic results. Choose the proper type of paint. For wood products, use latex paint. se paint specifically designed for use on metal, glass or ceramics. Many paints are available in spray-on cans; check in the paint section of your local home improvement center or craft store. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to apply the paint. Remember to spread a plastic painter’s sheet or newspaper to protect surfaces around your painting project.

Drawer and door pulls

Change the ordinary to extraordinary with paint. Remove the drawer and doors knobs from dresser drawers, side tables, or kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Painting dresser knobs is an easy way to add bright color to a child’s room. With large drawer or door handles, go wild with multiple paint colors on the same pull.

Front door

Red is a popular color for a front door, making the door stand out from the street. But what does the door color look like inside while the door is open. If you have a storm door, you may prefer to leave the front door open for light and fresh airflow. In that case, the door color should complement the interior design color choices. Red goes with lots of colors, but may be too harsh in some design theme. Choose a happy medium for a door color that goes well with both the room the door opens into and to the exterior of the house.


Give new life to an old lamp. This easy decorating tip adds color to any room. I purchased inexpensive jar-shaped lamps in a bland beige color. Sure, beige goes with anything, but sometimes you just want to liven up the color in a room. Using craft paint and a sponge brush, I first painted the lamp blue and then burgundy before I finally settled on honey gold. Every color I selected fit into the room decorating theme; gold just looked best to me. A painted lamp does not have to be all one color. Paint different colored stripes around the lamp or put on a base coat in one color and then flick on a contrasting color for a speckled look. To flick on paint, dab a toothbrush in paint to cover the tips of the bristles. Then, use your thumb to bend the bristles. Release the bristles and they snap back, flicking tiny spots of paint. Practice on a newspaper first.

Wood floor

A worn wood floor looks revitalized with a coat of paint. Think pastel colors for the beach house or a bedroom, especially a girl’s bedroom. Deep red or black goes well in the kitchen or dining room. Leary of painting the entire floor? Try a border 6 to 12 inches away from the wall to form a perimeter around of the room. Use a stencil to paint on a design or go with broad straight line. In a child’s room, paint letters, numbers or shapes on the floor as learning elements.