Decorating a child’s room to reflect their tastes and interest is a great way to bring out their creativity, and to give your child a space that is truly their own inside of the house. If your child or teenager is looking to decorate their room in an Army motive then you have a lot of decorating options available to you. To help keep your decoration budget under control it is important to look for deals.

The Design

The first step in redecorating your room is to sketch out a basic layout of what you want in the room. This means selecting a color palette, and deciding what elements you want in the room. You can allow your child to help in this process by asking them to cut out, or print out, items that they would like to have in their rooms. For example they may want Army posters, an Army desk, camouflage, ect. You can use these items to get an idea of what items you will need to find, and what items you will be able to make from scratch.

The Paint

The paint for an Army room can range from one base color, to a base color and several accent colors. To find your pallet I recommend that you use one of your decorating items, like a recruitment poster, to draw colors from. Remember, you don’t want your wall color to be too drab or too extreme. If your child has a real yen for Army then you may even want to try and paint one accent wall in a camouflage pattern and have the other three walls be one color from the camouflage ensemble. If you don’t have a knack for painting camouflage, then you can paint all the walls the same color, and then hang a camouflage net on the accent wall.

The Furniture

The furniture that you put in the room can make the difference between an okay room, and a totally Army room. There are several online stores that you can find Army cots, Army blankets, Army desks, and even Army lockers to decorate your room with. Army Navy Sales is one of these sites, and you can find it at

The Decorations

For the final finishing touches to your Army room you will want to add Army decorations that really scream Army. This may mean you hang various Army flags, recruitment posters, insignia patch displays, posters, and maybe even a wall display of Army clothing. Army Surplus, located at, is a great online store that offers great deals on new and used surplus Army supplies. You can find used BDU shirts, duffle bags, Alice Packs, BDU pants, insignias, boots, flight suites, etc. You can also visit the Army Navy Sales online store for more decorating items. Another great resource for used Army items is a local second hand store or a pawn shop.