Decorate a mantle, wall or a bedroom with a romantic shabby chic banner. This banner can be used to decorate for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or to simply add a touch of femininity. It is hung from ties on each end and can be swagged across window curtains or furniture.

I constructed the banner sections with doily and lace scraps, used a Cricut die cutter to cut out “Je t’aime” (French for “I love you), and lots of fiddly bits for decorative accents. The length measures approximately 72 inches long, that includes the 12-inch ties on each end. The doilies and lace were purchased over time at auctions, yard sales and thrift stores. I use them for a variety of projects, but I can’t bring myself to toss out even the smallest leftover scraps. This project allowed me to layer the odd shapes into beautiful layered foundations for each section of the banner.

Things You Will Need:

Doilies, lace, ribbon and trim
Sewing machine
Straight pins
Cricut font cartridge
Stick glue
Fiddly bits-rhinestones, small flowers, bows, sequins, buttons
Craft glue

Step 1
Cut seven, 6-inch squares from a variety of doilies or lace. Layer and build a collage of assorted doily and lace scraps on top of the 6-inch squares. Top stitch around the edges of each scrap to secure. The layered squares will look like a mistake at this point, but trust me, it will get better. I used white thread for all the stitching on this project.

Step 2
Cut the letters for “Je t’aime” using your Cricut die cutter or any die cutter you have available. Die cut letters can also be purchased from your local craft store. I used the Doodletype cartridge for my fonts and a scrap of pink wallpaper. The letters were 4 inches tall.

Step 3
Lay the lace squares on your work surface. Determine which edge will be the top. Apply stick glue to the back of the letters and center one on each square. Sew the letters to the squares using a long straight stitch.

Step 4
Arrange an assortment of fiddly bits on each of the banner squares. I chose things that were white, pink or silver. When you are pleased with the position of each piece use craft glue to adhere them.

Step 5
Cut a 2-yard length of ribbon or trim. I used corded piping trim just because it was available. This is the banner’s top cord.

Step 6
Lay out the length of the trim on your work surface. My table wasn’t big enough, so I used the floor. Measure in 12 inches from the left hand edge. Place the top edge of the “J” square on the trim and pin it in place. Place the next square beside the first with a 1/2-inch space in between. Pin the remaining squares to the trim in the same way.

Step 7
Top stitch the squares to the length of the trim.

Step 8
Cut eight, 12-inch lengths of lace trim. Tie a lace length around the top cord at the left hand edge of the first square. Tie the remaining lengths between each square and one on the right hand end of the banner.