Do have a little girl who would just love a girly girl cowgirl bedroom? Using blue jean fabric, frilly lace, pink and brown paint and glitzy crystals, you can create a bedroom of her dreams. Many of the items used can be purchased to really get that one-of-a-kind rustic feeling or you can make and do many of the tasks yourself using items that you may already have. This simple but luxurious bedroom will make any little girl happy.

Start by masking off the walls at a height equivalent to a chair rail. Paint the bottom portion of the wall, a dark chocolaty color and the above portion a girly girl pink. Place a 4 inch star stencil, 4 inches above the brown paint and stencil using the brown paint. Repeat this stenciled star about the chair rail around the room. Space the stars 4 inches apart.

While the stenciled stars are drying, smash metal bottle caps flat with a hammer. Drill a hole in the center at each bottle cap. Tack the bottle caps to the middle of the each stenciled star using an upholstery tack. Using brad nails, tack utility rope along the line of the chair rail, dividing the brown paint from the pink paint.

Decorate the walls with tools and accessories that you would find in a horse barn. Shop local auctions or flea markets to locate a petite chandelier with crystals. Chandeliers can be easily refurbished by repainting and replacing missing crystals. You can easily add ropes of crystal beads to a chandelier that is not glitzy enough. Change out the lighting in the room to accommodate the chandelier.

If money is an issue, repaint the existing furniture white and add large spots of brown paint to give it a cowhide appearance. Remove handles from the dresser and replace with crystal beads that have been strung on wire.

Simple lace curtain panels can be hung in the window. Make tie backs with jute and metal bottle caps. Cut an 18 inch piece of jute, lay the jute over a bottle cap and using needle nose pliers bend the bottle cap in half pinching the jute in between. Repeat every 1 to 2 inches. Attach horseshoes to the sides of the window and tie the ends of the tie backs to the shoes.

Remove the mattress from the bed. Place lace curtain panels over the box springs, allowing the edge to hang down to the floor as a bed skirt. Continue to add curtain panels until the whole bed skirt area is complete. Replace the mattress on top of the box springs. Use a pretty pink bed sheet set and add a comforter made from old blue jeans to complete the look. Make an abundance of throw pillows using the same colors, lace and blue jean fabric that you have used throughout the room.

Cut a large piece of leftover scrap linoleum to make a cowhide rug. Cut around the edges of the linoleum unevenly. Do all your painting on the back side of the scrap linoleum. Paint it white and add large spots of brown paint. Finish the rug with polyurethane.