Zhu-Zhu Pets are battery-operated hamsters that use tunnels, cars, baby carriages, drive-thru windows, and more. They are absolutely adorable, and many little girls choose to embellish their bedroom in this fun decorating theme. Instead of choosing pop-stars, cartoon characters, or some other trendy and fleeting decorating theme, consider Zhu-Zhu Pets. They are destined to remain popular and fun for many more years to come.

Decorate with a Life-Size Play Tunnel for Kids

The most popular faux fur hamsters are well-known for their colorful plastic tunnels. They race up and down and all around, and kids enjoy guiding them from one end to the next. When decorating a bedroom in a Zhu-Zhu Pets theme, use a brightly colored life-size play tunnel for kids. They can become giant hamsters and have fun crawling through the tunnels that decorate their bedroom.

Hang a Colorful T-Shirt on a Bare Bedroom Wall

Wall décor does not have to come from a home decorating store to look great. Some of the very best bedroom decorating items for kids are toys and items meant to adorn the body. Buy an extra Zhu-Zhu Pets t-shirt, and use it to decorate a bare wall. Simply attach it with tacks to add tremendous color and appeal.

Hang Eye-Catching Lettering on a Bedroom Wall

Words spelled out with painted wooden or foam block letters are often used when decorating a child’s bedroom walls. Skip the name and add to the decorating theme of the bedroom with lettering. Buy wooden or foam letters, and spell out Zhu-Zhu Pets to create a colorful focal point. Paint the letters to coordinate with the colors in the bedroom, and mount them with poster putty. They would look great on a wall above a child’s bed or below the aforementioned t-shirt décor.

Set up a Tunnel Around the Entire Bedroom

As previously mentioned, toys are ideal when decorating a bedroom for kids, especially when decorating in a popular hamster theme. Set up a play tunnel that extends around the entire bedroom or at least a great portion of it. Interactive decorations serve multiple purposes, and they will greatly add to the theme of the space.

Decorate an Empty Corner with an Inflatable Oversized Hamster

When decorating a bedroom in a Zhu-Zhu Pets theme, hamsters are a must, but they do not all have to be just a few inches long. Shop online for an oversized inflatable hamster, and suspend it from the ceiling, or place it in an empty corner. It will add to the decorating theme in a fun and whimsical new way.

Use Hamsters to Decorate Horizontal Spaces

Zhu-Zhu Pets are available in a multitude of colors and patterns, and they make fantastic shelf décor. When decorating a bedroom in a hamster theme, use the toys to decorate horizontal spaces including shelves, dresser tops, and more. However, do not fill every open space with a furry battery-operated hamster on wheels. Decorate sparingly for the best overall look. Your child will love the new theme!