Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, kiddie decor was bright, primary colors and often involved clowns. Today, it has become a chic, subtle, calm and almost “office” type feel. Looking through web pages of baby decor, with my wife, I was shocked at the color schemes of “chocolate,” “sand,” and “slate.” She just smiled and said she would be happy with “celery green.” See, folks this is code for that she still hasn’t completely forgotten the last time I offered to paint the nursery.

My wife was pregnant on bed rest, so she was unable to pick out paint chips. She talked about decorating our son’s room in a “jungle animal” theme versus a “circus” theme. She found clowns scary and featuring caged animals was too depressing. As always, I just smiled and nodded. I can’t wait for her not to have so much “free time” on bed rest to ponder such things. She then said that she didn’t want bright green or kelly green or a dark forest green, but a light, pale “celery green.” So, with a roll of the jungle animal border, I drove off to freedom…um I mean Home Depot.

There were many shades to choose from, but I picked one that I thought would compromise between her “bland celery” and my basic conception of what a nursery should look like…i.e. maybe some clowns would like to hang out there because it look like it might be a fun room… I am just saying…it’s for a kid not a CEO.

I left on a short business trip, with my mother-in-law and aunt in charge of painting. I think when I landed, I had 20 messages in my in-box and they were all from my wife. To highlight, “What were you thinking it looks like a Miami disco in the 70’s?!” Yes, it was a little brighter but surely not that obscene.

Needless to say, my kid’s future was so bright he needed to wear shades to fall asleep at night in his room. It was nuclear green. Saying it was neon would have been a compliment.

To this day I have never lived it down. When we found out we were expecting our second child, my wife (despite doctor’s orders) went to Home Depot to pick out paint chips this time. But, she said I can paint it this time.