Painting is strenuous, messy work and hanging wallpaper takes too much time. As someone who likes to constantly change the look of different rooms in my house in an obsessive way I need ways to do it that are easy to clean up and don’t break my bank and so I came up with the following technique.

Cover your walls with wrapping paper



  • Several rolls of wrapping paper, any design, any print
  • Scotch invisible tape (must be invisible, not just clear)
  • A couple cans of spray adhesive
  • Scissors or utility knife
  • A ladder or stool

Get up on a ladder or stool with your can of spray adhesive in your pocket or tool belt and roll of wrapping paper in hand. Spray a bit of adhesive on the corners and along the top edge of the wrapping paper.

Line the edge of the paper right up against the ceiling at the top of the wall and press in place firmly.

Spray several spots on the wall beneath the paper. Be careful not to spray too much adhesive or you’ll have an extremely hard time removing the paper later. Press the paper flat to the wall as you roll the paper down the wall. Pay special attention to work out any air bubbles as you go.

When you get to the bottom of the wall let the paper roll out a little ways on the wall and cut the paper off where the wall meets the floorboard. Use the floorboard as a cutting guide.

Spray adhesive along the bottom edge of the paper and press in to place.

Repeat this process until every wall is covered.

The last and final step is to use the invisible tape to cover the seams. You will want to cover the entire seam, up and down the length of the wall. Rub the tape in so that the edges fade away.

That’s all there is to it. Easy peasy temporary d√©cor change.

­Wrapping Paper is better than wallpaper Рand cheaper too. All you need is several rolls of wrapping paper, a couple cans of spray adhesive and invisible tape.

Now, this project will work if you buy square sheets of wrapping paper, but it will take a heck of a lot more paper than if you just buy it on a roll. The cool thing about wrapping paper is that you have a bigger selection of patterns and prints to choose from than wallpaper and for a kid’s room this method gives the HUGE bonus of being able to be colored on.

Using wrapping paper to cover your walls is fairly cheap but it’s not dirt cheap. The cost will depend on how much wrapping paper you will need and how many rolls that turns in to.

Decorating for the seasons couldn’t be any easier. During the Christmas season; when there is wrapping paper coming out of my ears, I like to use an elegant and colorful design to line my front entryway and a whimsical Santa print in my kitchen. Using this technique I can change the atmosphere of any room to pertain to any season.

You can do stripes, swirlies, checkers, horizontal lines, wedding print, baby print, birthday print, musical notes, old parchment, cartoons and characters. There’s a paper for every mood and personality and you don’t have to be a professional interior designer to achieve a great look

Often times people who don’t own their home feel as if there is little they can do to change the style of their rooms if they don’t have permission to paint. With this method you won’t need permission and it’s very easy to remove. Best of all for renters is that the wrapping paper protects the walls from stains and handprints.