All those wonderful beach finds you gathered at the beach while on vacation don’t have to be left behind or tucked away in a drawer at home when vacation is over. Display those unique beach finds with these DIY home decorating ideas that will add a touch of the breezy beach to any room of your home.

DIY Tabletop Seashell Displays

A large conch shell displayed on a table top or book shelf is nice, but how about turning a large seashell into a planter? Fill the shell with potting soil and plant a few succulents inside or plant paper white bulbs and force them to bloom in late winter.

Flat scallop shells can be used to hold name cards for a beach themed or seafood themed dinner party- attach the name cards to the backs of scallop shells and place on top of the napkins.

Continue the beachy dinner party themes by using scallop shells to hold individual servings of sea salt place beside each plate. A variety of individual condiments, like tartar sauce, lemon wedges, etc., can be placed in scallop shells, adding both d©cor and functionality to the table.

Table d©cor can be kept simple, yet look elegant, by filling clear glass vases one-third full of sand, then centering a pillar candle in the sand and placing small seashells around the candle. Line a few of these beachy candles down the center of the table and scatter colorful sea glass and more shells around on the table.

Seashells and Hot Glue

If it can be hot glued, it’s one of the easiest DIY home decor design projects, and seashells can definitely be hot glued. Have a boring table lamp? Hot glue some beach finds onto the lamp base to jazz it up and remind you of the beach vacation.

Hot glue some seashells onto ribbon, then hot the ribbon onto woven baskets and use in the bathroom for storage. Hot glue prized seashells into shadow box picture frames to create DIY wall art. Seashells and bathroom decor are always a match, so look for other ways to incorporate seashells (with or without hot glue) into bathroom decor.

Coral Decorum

White coral is appropriate for display in any room of the home, and will go with any color scheme or room theme. One well placed piece of white coral will brighten up a dark, drab corner, or the coral can take center stage on the coffee table. Place the coral on top of a book about the beach area in which it was found to create a great conversation piece.