As the seasons change, the decorating scheme and theme of a home can change right along with the shifting weather. Holidays approach and themed items are often used to decorate everything from the bedroom to the kitchen. As fall approaches, update the dining room decor with something new. Use the following easy ways to decorate a dining room for fall, and add vibrant autumn touches to one of the most popular areas of the home.

Decorate the Dining Room for Fall with a Buffet Display

If your dining room is furnished with a buffet, use the top as an area for display. Begin by placing a fall runner on top of the buffet to decorate and protect the surface. Set up a grouping of mini pumpkins that surround a larger one, or arrange ceramic or cast resin tabletop decor. Shop online for fall decorations, or visit a local Hallmark store. Everything from autumn candles in spice scents to mini pilgrims and turkeys can be used to decorate a dining room for fall, and a buffet is the ideal stage for this type of display.

Use a Basket of Colorful Gourds as a Centerpiece

When seeking easy ways to decorate a dining room for fall, take a trip to a local grocery store. Shop for eye-catching gourds, and place them in a basket for a pretty centerpiece. Gourds are works of art provided by nature, and they provide a very easy way to decorate a dining room for fall. Consider lining the basket with colorful fall leaves. They will add even more color to a beautiful basket of gourds.

Make a Maple Leaf Work of Art

Dining room decor does not have to come from a store. Consider creating a maple leaf work of art when seeking easy ways to decorate a dining room wall. Dry pretty leaves between paper towels in a heavy book, or use fresh leaves to create painted prints. Mount the leaves or create the prints on white or cream-colored card stock. Frame and mat the mounted leaves or prints, and decorate a bare dining room wall. Mount the work of fall art above the buffet or in another prominent location. It will look like a work of art from a store, but for far less than the cost of something made and sold by someone else.

Complete the look of the dining room with fall dinnerware atop a linen tablecloth that boasts autumn colors. Look for napkin rings in fall designs and hues, and use all of the above to decorate your dining room for fall. It will boost your mood by bringing the beauty of autumn indoors for family and friends to enjoy.