Many believe Feng Shui is nothing more than a highly glorified ancient guide to interior decorating. While it’s true that in order to “feng shui” your home or office, the first thing you need to do is de-clutter and place your furniture in the most auspicious areas, sometimes those adjustments just make good sense. For instance, most people would feel uncomfortable if their desk was situated so that their back faced the door. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that bright, distracting colors don’t necessarily lend themselves to a restful night so bedrooms aren’t often painted in brilliant hues. It would appear to some that some of the more basic Feng Shui techniques truly are nothing more than common sense.

While color and furniture placement does make up some of the larger aspects of Feng Shui, there are other elements that also lend themselves to creating a more harmonious home or boosting your career. To truly become balanced one must also balance their home or office by evenly using the five elements – fire, Earth, water, wood and metal. Each one of these elements can be represented in a variety of ways, not the least of which is by using the shapes that correspond to them. By placing objects or artwork in certain areas of your home or office bagua you can intensify your love life, spark your creativity or even add to your bottom line.

Triangles pertain to the fire element and mean movement or change. The colors associated with fire are red and orange. Use this shape when you need to encourage positive change in an area of your life or are trying to obtain a goal. Maybe you’re looking for a new job or just need to spice up the job you’re in. Add something triangular to the career gua of your desk or home. If you are looking for recognition for a job well done you should place a red or orange triangle in the fame/reputation gua.

Squares are related to the earth element and lend themselves to stability or permanence. The colors associated with Earth are browns and yellow, however brown is more related to stability than yellow. If you are comfortable with your finances but want to maintain that level of security you should place a brown square in the Prosperity and Abundance (or Wealth) gua of your home. A brown square in the Family gua will help you gain the respect of your family and neighbors.

Curvy or wavy lines are naturally related to the water element and dictate flexibility and interaction. The colors associated with water are black and dark blue. If you need to improve familial relations or get to know the neighbors you will want to add a water element to the Family gua. Since water can be represented by mirrors you can place a mirror with a curvy decorative frame in this area.

Rectangles pertain to the wood element and are relatively easy to apply to any area. Greens and blues make up the color palette of this element. Rectangles are the shape of growth and expansion. Because green also means wealth you can apply a green rectangle to the Prosperity and Abundance gua to increase your wealth. If you are trying to add to your family, place a wooden rectangular frame of family members in the Creativity/Children gua of your home.

Circles or ovals relate to the metal element and as such come in white and gray colors. Circles mean harmony and unity. White and gray are colors of protection, purity and lend themselves to resolution. Circles in white and gray should be used in decorating children’s bedrooms to improve mental focus, and to increase discipline and structure. Placing light gray circles in your Knowledge and Wisdom gua can increase your own focus and help you to retain information. Gray circles used in your Fame/Reputation gua can give you the ability to appear stable, respectable and dependable.

As you can see, Feng Shui is more than just a guide on where to put your couch. A deeper understanding of how elements correspond to shapes, and what they all mean, can help you gain greater harmony in your life and bring about positive change.