Nowadays the options are limitless when it comes to remodeling your home with designer looks and names. It is now out with the standard white or black appliances and their outdated materials of ceramic and plastic and in with bright colors, stylish designs, ingrained patterns, and elements we didn’t quite think we’d ever see in our home.

Enter glass sinks.

The trend to update the home with new fixtures that give it a model appearance while adding equity is on the upswing. In-counter sinks can seem mundane, ordinary, and cheap, while above-counter glass sinks can transform a typical kitchen or bathroom into a luxurious place to wash vegetables or your face. They will no doubt be a conversation starter once your guests arrive and see that piece of art you’re washing your hands in!

Glass is more versatile than you may think.

You probably own a selection of vases or glasses in various shapes and sizes, as well as varying thickness. Glass is a versatile element that can be colored, shaped and designed into nearly anything you want. Glass is also stronger than you may think; making it a perfect choice for table tops, doors, windows, and now even sinks.

When you select and install your new glass sink, you will be amazed at the radical change that will take place. It won’t even seem like the same room! Adding soft lighting and decorative accents will make your new glass sink the focal point of the room.

Catch on to the popularity of glass and metal.

Many hotels and restaurants have caught on to the new rage of combining stainless steel and glass for a minimalist appeal. Why not bring that same look into your home? Not only are glass sinks now more affordable than ever, they’re no longer exclusive to upscale buyers. Head to your favorite Home Depot, Lowes, or home furnishing store and see what they have in stock. You’ll be surprised! Surf the internet to discover even more options that can be specially ordered.

Glass sinks differ in design from singular bowls, to even his and her sinks in one solid piece-basins and counter all in one smooth, elegant, sculpted glass fixture. Choose any color you want to match either your d├ęcor or your mood. There are pedestal models, and those that connect directly to the wall for a nice, uncluttered look. Some are crackled glass, some are inlaid with foil, and some are blended with swirls of color.

No more stained ceramic.

You know how easy it is to clean glass, as you’ve probably owned a coffee table or mirror sometime in your life. When glass is clean it reflects light most pleasantly and can appear brand new. It could be just the sparkle your tired kitchen or bathroom needed! Gone are the days of trying to get those stains out of ceramic or cracked plastic basins. When taken care of properly, your glass sink will be a gleaming eye-catcher for the rest of its lifetime.