Hannah Montana bathrooms are a fun way to decorate your home with your little girl. You can incorporate Hannah Montana in the bathroom, bathroom accessories, and features in a ton of fun ways, so get creative and tweak these ideas to suit your space.
Tip: If you do not have a bathroom just for your little girl, then try some of these ideas in their bedroom to get that Hannah Montana dressing area look!

The Mirror in Your Hannah Montana Bathroom:

Turn your mirror into a glamorous dressing room mirror fit for a teen pop star getting beautiful before she heads out on stage. You can add glamorous frame to an existing bathroom iron that us frameless.

To save money do this with wood trim. If you bathroom mirror is already framed, try painting out in a glittery antique gold or silver color!

Now, on to the lighting. You can buy great dressing rook lights at the local home improvement store. Simper strips of bulbs in a row can be installed where you old light fixture was.

Tip: Before you assemble the lights, spray pain the metal part of the light fixture (which is probably brass or silver colored) out in a bright pink. Use a metal spray paint for best results. Spray on light coats, letting each one dry until the whole light is covered. Now in stall as usual.

The Shower Curtain in Your Hannah Montana Bathroom:

You can create an audience on a fabric shower curtain by simply cutting out three sponges in to varying sizes of circles and ovals. Dip each one in some skin colored fabric paint and start stamping them on the shower curtain. Cover the whole thing.

Once the fabric paint dries you can paint on mouths and eyes of the adding Hannah Montana fans!

Tip: You d0 not need to have details on all the fans, try only decorating every third oval!

The Accessories In Your Hannah Montana Bathroom:

Finally, no Hanna Montana Bathroom would be complete with out the accessories. You can take some ribbon that has musical notes printed on it and us fabric glue to glue it to hand towels for a musical detail.

If you do not want to glue it to hand towels, then simply use it to tie bows around hanging hand towels.

You can also use glittery ribbon in pink or purple.

Finally, frame out a poster of Hannah Montana and hang it in your bathroom!

You can even paint a wood star out in yellow or gold and write your name on it. Hang it on the front of the bathroom door of course.