Decorating a small bathroom does not require you to remodel it. Instead, you can change the appearance of a small bathroom by removing certain items and adding others. If you have not updated the accessories in your bathroom in years or you have had the same wall color, it’s time to update the bathroom!

Window Treatments

Window treatments in a small room make a big impact. Replacing your window treatments with new ones instantly updates the appearance in your small bathroom. Consider changing the type of window treatment from what you currently have in the bathroom-for example, if you have curtains you may wish to install blinds or shades.


Painting the walls in a small bathroom a different color than what is currently on them makes a dramatic statement in the room. When selecting paint for small rooms, take into account that semi-gloss paint reflects light and creates the illusion of a large room as well as light colors. Painting the walls, a bright bold color in the room works well but dark colors create a dreary atmosphere.

Shower Curtain

If your small bathroom is not a half bath (meaning no shower or bathtub), replacing the shower curtain allows you to incorporate any decorating style you wish in the bathroom without spending a large amount of money. Hanging an elegant shower curtain creates an elegant appearance in the room compared to hanging a bold, bright shower curtain, which may create a fun upbeat appearance in the bathroom. Allow your shower curtain to act at a large decorating accessory.

Remove Clutter

Having too many accessories in a small room creates a cluttered appearance and feel to the room. Instead of creating clutter, remove it. Select a small variety of accessories you absolutely need in your bathroom such as a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, framed artwork for the walls, a towel bar and a plant. Removing clutter and unnecessary items is the easiest way to change the appearance in any room and does not cost any money.


You do not have to replace flooring in a small room to remodel the appearance of it. Instead, purchase bathroom rugs and place them on the floor. Rugs give you the option of changing the look and feel of the floor without a huge remodeling job or a large remodeling budget.