If your teen daughter is tired of the little girl bedroom d├ęcor in her bedroom, it’s time to decorate her bedroom in teen style! Typically, teenage girls no longer enjoy having a pink and purple bedroom completed with flowers painted on the walls. This may cause them embarrassment, and prevent them from bringing friends over or inviting them into their bedroom. Instead, ask your teen how she would like to decorate her bedroom.

Incorporate her favorite color in the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to paint the walls a dark color. When the time comes to remove the dark paint color from the walls, you can simply apply primer to cover-and-seal dark paint — such as black or dark purple. This allows for easy repainting of a much lighter shade.

Update her furniture with modern furniture. If your teenage daughter is sleeping on a white canopy bed and now longs for a dark room, replacing the bed is essential to decorating her room. You can save money when purchasing furniture by shopping at flea markets, consignment shops, thrift stores and garage sales.

Allow your teenage daughter to help choose her bedding. Bringing your teenage daughter with you when purchasing her bedding ensures she will like the bedding, preventing you from having to return it for a different color or style.

Replace her curtains with blinds or shades. Blinds or shades create a grown-up appearance to the bedroom and decorates it. Blinds and shades come in a large variety of colors, styles and materials including wooden, brown blinds or black shades.

Create an area in her bedroom for her to sit and read a book or complete schoolwork. Consider if a desk and chair or a love seat would work. Often times, teenage girls prefer one over the other and this prevents you from incorporating the wrong one. Sitting on a love seat is much more comfortable than sitting in a hard desk at a hard table.

Decorate her walls with wall decals, posters and framed artwork. Allow your teenage girl to display artwork containing her personal preference. For example, if your teenage daughter likes guitars, allow her artwork on the walls in her bedroom to contain guitars. Yes, girls do like guitars too!

Lastly, have fun decorating her bedroom with her. Decorating your teenage girl’s bedroom together creates a wonderful project for you both to enjoy and allows precious time spent together, as teen’s often prefer to be hanging out with friends instead of sitting home with their parents!