Decorating your child’s room can be an ominous task on any given day. The colors of the comforter need to match the curtains and finding that perfect bedside table lamp is now causing you to wonder what you got yourself into. Now it gets even more complicated because your son and daughter are going to share the same bedroom. Depending on their ages something as simple as hanging the wrong picture can spark an argument and a huge headache for you.

Make this task simple by picking neutral colors for the walls. Greens, blues, beige’s and tans can make a room look soft but not too feminine or masculine. If you would like a dressier look for the room add chair rail or crown molding to break up the walls. If you have to purchase furniture choose light or dark wood stains. It’s common for girl’s furniture to be made in white which may cause a young boy to not like his “girlish” bed.

Having two twin, or bunk beds are an optimal choice for children when sharing a room. Two twin size beds, side by side, will pose more of an issue with the bed linens since both twin beds can be seen from the floor. Make this simple, also. If the children are still young choose one solid and one patterned bedspread so there won’t be any clashing of patterns or styles. Red, white, yellow and blue has always been a great color combination and can dress the room up nicely. Nautical, striped, galaxy, jungle/animal and western motifs also make a cute unisex statement for the shared bedroom.

Hanging pictures and solid curtains on the walls can change the decor of the bedroom. If using similar style picture frames, as well as, the same size frames it will make the walls look very put together. Place the nightstand (if there is one) between the twin beds as a separation and pictures can be hung above the beds or along the other walls. If the bunk beds are being used place the nightstand in the corner at a diagonal so it doesn’t look like everything in the room is flush against the wall. Using small colorful picture frames, stuffed animals, and small lamps on the dresser can liven up the room, also.

If the room is big enough small shelves can be lined on each side of the room for toys, books or stuffed animals. If the room doesn’t have enough space for shelving two hammocks in each corner will suffice for the storage of stuffed animals. Fortunately, hammocks keep things contained and help by not using floor space. Floor space is important and saving all the space possible can help fit necessary furniture in the room. Even if the room has wood flooring or carpet, a small rug can be placed at the end of each bed, be it a single or bunk, as a welcome to their comfort zone.

These are ideas to help decorate a bedroom shared by the kid’s but you may decide to go a different route completely. Children grow quickly and will soon be changing their minds on the things they want in the bedroom anyhow. With this in mind, you may want to decide what goes in the room and present it as a surprise. Surprises are usually happily greeted and will enable you to work on the next home project.