When wanting to design a garden style living room, you must first think about what your decorating aesthetic is. Do you want your space to convey modern gardener elegance or a whimsical gardening theme? Either way, you’ll be surrounding yourself with what you love most, nature.

How to Design a Garden Style Living Room- Green Elegance

If you have a more contemporary decorated home, you can still have a gardening theme in your space; just more abstract. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning your decorating project:

Artwork: Here you can choose any print, painting or photograph that gives you the same feeling you have when you are in a gardener’s paradise. When looking for the perfect inspiration of how to design a garden style living room, just make sure that it conveys your idea of an elegant gardening theme. It can be whimsical and fun or beautiful and deep. This will become what you center the rest of your decor around though, so choose wisely.

Color: Choose one of your favorite colors out of your artwork to paint the walls with. This may be a lush green or a sunshine yellow, or even a rose red. All that matters is that it is a hue that envelopes you and fills your senses with the smell of flowers and the feeling of dew on the grass.

Furniture: When wanting a more modern take on how to design a garden style living room; even heavier furniture, such as deep green suede couch, can fit well in this space. Another major component of this decorating project s’s aesthetic, take your time in picking it out. For side tables and coffee tables, choose a few elegant gardening theme statues. The same as you would put out as a gardener. Then get some glass tops made for them.

Fabrics: Fabrics for curtains and pillows should be in solid colors rather than patterned. Choose another shade that you love from your artwork to be used for all of the fabrics. This then becomes your main accent color.

Accessories: When designing contemporary, less is more. To keep your room modern the only accessories that you should have should be plants. Invest in some high quality beautiful pots and place one on every table in the room. Air ferns work well for all areas because they do not need sunlight, soil or water to live. You can even put a few in a crystal candy dish for the center of your coffee table.

How to Design a Garden Style Living Room- Traditionally Whimsical
If you have a more traditional home, you can go as over the top as you want with your fun gardening theme. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning your decorating project:

Accessories: The funnest part of this space is the cute accessories that you can incorporate into it. Look around for miniature gardener statues that show what you love to do best. Spray paint a few tools of the trade and hang them on the wall for even more whimsy. Add birds and butterflies, bunny’s and squirrels; anything that you love to watch outside.

Artwork: Along with gardener’s tools, when wanting to know how to design a garden style living room, your walls can be decked out in anything that grabs your eye. When your space has a fun gardening theme you can mix beautiful floral paintings with cute animal caricatures and tie it all together with color.

Color: Since you’ll have so many colorful items around the space, it’s best to keep the wall color toned down so that your accessories stand out. Light blues, yellows or greens work great for this outdoorsy type place.

Furniture: Keep furniture light and airy. A wicker set works great.

Fabrics: For throw pillows and curtains, you can get as bold of a print as you want since hey will be set against the paler walls and furniture.

Don’t forget the plants when planning your decorating project. Fun Coleuses and Cactus’s are the headiest when wanting to figure out how to design a garden style living room in your home.