Victorian inspired decor has been popular for many years now, and no wonder! Victorian style is classic, and presents feelings of warmth and comfort to a home. Decorating your bedroom or a guest bedroom in a Victorian theme will give the room a comforting, calming presence that will help you or your guests to relax.

Want to get started decorating your bedroom in a Victorian theme? Here we go!

Tip #1 Use wallpaper.

Patterned wallpaper was very commonly used during the Victorian era, and it will transform your bedroom back into the Victorian days more quickly than anything else. Even if you don’t want to mess with wallpapering the entire bedroom, you may choose to wallpaper the bottom portion of the walls, such as under a chair rail, or you could wallpaper just one wall.

If you don’t have the time or money to invest into installing wallpaper, that’s alright! There are lots of other ways to transform your bedroom into a Victorian paradise!

Tip #2 Decorate with white lace.

While you don’t need to use actual lace in your Victorian inspired bedroom, you may consider using white linens, such as quilts, pillow coverings and draperies, that have a lace-like texture. Lace was used to decorate bedrooms of wealthier homes, so using it in your bedroom is sure to make you feel like a luxurious Victorian lady or gentleman.

Tip #3 Place area rugs on the floor.

A large, intricately designed area rug placed right on top of your flooring will instantly make your bedroom feel more Victorian. During the Victorian era, such floor coverings were commonly used. These area rugs were often ornately patterned, often with flower themes.

Tip #4 Use lots of flowers!

Victorian decorating often includes the use of flowers or floral themes. This is because of the love Victorians had for gardening and all things related to flowers, including floral-themed decorations, such as framed art prints.

The best way to use flowers in your Victorian bedroom is to place bouquets of them around the room. Everyone loves flowers!