Designing your sleeping space into a dreamy Cape Cod sanctuary doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You can achieve your design goals with a few of these simple ideas. But before we jump into some design options for your bedroom, let’s look at some interesting components of the Cape Cod look.

Cape Cod houses were originally built as simple, functional homes for fishermen around the late 17th century. Typically Cape Cod homes have steep roofs, decorative shutters with the front door is located in center of the front of the house. Almost always made of wood Cape Cod homes also used wide shingles and painted clapboards.

The Cape Cod design has resurfaced today as a popular design that homes, giving a sense of simplicity with its clean lines. You don’t have to live on the New England coastline to enjoy a Cape Cod design. Cape Cod elements can be added to any room of your home no matter where you live.

Here are ten tips that will help you design your Cape Cod bedroom.

1. It’s all about color! To achieve the Cape Cod design you want for your bedroom, you need to first pick a color palette you can work from. Rosy pinks, the palest blues or even a light green will work wonderfully in your design scheme. Pick a base color and remember to keep it as light as you can. You will be adding some secondary colors to your bedroom scheme. Some of those secondary colors should be, ivory, beachgrass or a sand color.

Wainscoting and bead board is also popular to get the maximum impact for your walls. Bead board painted with your light rosy pink gives the room a cool but inviting feeling and sets the tone for your design.

2. After choose your primary and secondary colors it’s time to consider your flooring. Typically Cape Cod bedrooms feature hardwood floors, but painted floors are also popular. Painted with light colors maybe just slightly darker than the wall color you have selected is a great contrast method. Crown molding is a popular finish for floors in the Cape Cod design family.

3. All in important in your Cape Cod bedroom is considering your bedroom furniture. The Cape Cod style of decorating is closely related to another style that’s been used for about a decade now, that’s Shabby Chic. Don’t let the name fool you. These designs are hot! Shabby Chic is simply refinishing a piece of furniture that you find at your local flea market or maybe even in your own storage area. An old bed frame can get a Cape Cod update by just applying a fresh coat of white or off white paint. Another great find for your Cape Cod bedroom would be a standing wardrobe, painted white or one of your secondary colors with new hardware added. You may want to consider a piece of white wicker as well with a comfortable vintage looking floral pillow.

4. Curtains and blinds should be simple and not too heavy. Indoor wooden blinds are very popular right now and would help to lend a beach feel to your Cape Cod bedroom. If you choose to go with curtains as well, you can find some linen or muslin. These would give the windows a gauzy feel. Use punch top curtains with glass or silver hooks to add a little extra flair.

5. Rugs are a practical and pretty way to add a layer of texture to your Cape Cod bedroom. Not only will it keep your painted floors from enduring too many scratches, but also makes your new room cozy. Knotted rugs, rag rugs or rugs with a little bit of whimsy added to your design will add another layer to your room.

6. Bedding is the star feature in any Cape Cod bedroom. I prefer a faded (deliberately softened in bleach water) top covering that features a not too busy floral pattern. Or if you would like a bit more nautical in your Cape Cod bedroom, then you can add a plain white down comforter and add blue and white ticking patterns on your decorative pillows. High quality cotton sheets are a must to pull this room together. Toss over your wicker chair a fabulous flea market or discount store find, a sand colored chenille throw.

7. Nothing to over the top for your pictures and wall hangings. Simple shell filled shadowboxes or a painted roped mirror say ‘shabby chic perfection’! Small accent mirrors with their frames painted to match your furniture could bring extra light and bounce to your room no matter what size it is. It’s easy to find second hand pictures at yard sales featuring sailboats. Grab one and get it reframed! You can easily find wooden placards with nautical sayings for next to nothing.

8. No matter what part of the country you live in, a ceiling fan is an energy saver! And a nice leaf shaped fan adds fun and whimsy to your Cape Cod bedroom, not to mention cool restful nights.

9 Accessories like glass pulls or knobs for you dresser and night stand are the perfect extras for you room. A large rope wrapped vase with lots of dried sea grass placed in a corner adds more beach appeal. Ocean scented candles on a small table by your window would be a lovely extra too. Use your personality in making your Cape Cod bedroom a dream come true.

10 Mosquito netting is inexpensive and sets a romantic mood. You can buy it in white or ivory and hang it either from the center of your bed or the near the headboard. (Just move it back from the ceiling fan).

I hope some of these tips helps you to design your Cape Cod bedroom.