If you are like me, money does not come easy, but I decorated my apartment beautifully, and did not break the bank. Here’s how I did it:

1. Shop for beautiful pictures, figurines, and ready-to-assemble furniture at Fred’s Dollar Store. Yes, you can find many beautiful accent pieces at Fred’s Dollar Store, like a beautiful table, a photo stand that can be used as a screen to separate two adjoining rooms, bar stools, a plush loveseat and chair set with wrought iron and fluffy pillows, beautiful pictures of inspiring faith and family as well as figurines of all shapes and sizes to display on your matching coffee table, and end-table set.

2. Buy two pieces, chair and loveseat, at local thrift store. You can easily buy two used chair and loveseat at a thrift store, or used furniture store, this can save you from paying a monthly note. Dress up with a new sofa and chair cover, and voila, a matching chair and loveseat set.

3. Bring bedroom furniture from your mom’s house. Yes, I am sure in your old bedroom at home in your parent’s house you already had your bedroom furniture, but what I did to make it stand out was I bought a bed-in-a-bag from Walmart, and I invested in a new vanity table.

4. Arrange furniture to accomodate needs. Your first apartment can be cozy and very small at times, but in order to make it your own you have to arrange the furniture to fit your needs. If you do not entertain much, but work a lot, turn your dining room area in to your office space. Make sure you have everything in your work station, so there is no way to mess up any other rooms. Put a comfy chair in their for jotting down ideas and a very sturdy desk for computer supplies.

5. Make your hallway a storage area. If you have a long hallway, don’t leave it empty, fill it up with miscellaneous things, that cannot fit in the bedroom, living room, or office. This way you can have a neat storage space for everything else that you need like receipt boxes, picture stands, or old tables.

6. Put accents in kitchen and bathroom. Dress up the kitchen and bathroom, don’t leave these sometimes mediocre rooms out of your design project. In the bathroom, place a long, cheval mirror, and 3-drawer storage bin for personal items. In the kitchen, leave out a dirty garbage can, and dress up an old table with a table cloth then add a bread box on top. This gives a feeling of personality in a room of just appliances.

I hope these steps I used in my apartment gives your fabulous, first apartment charm; remember make your space your own, and have fun!