When you start the renovations for a house that you are planning to flip, make no mistake about the fact that the bathroom is one of the most important elements of your selling success. Being relatively difficult to renovate, home buyers are most often seeking a home where little to no additional work is required in the bathroom. At the same time, they also expect certain luxury features that are often seen in newer homes to already be in place in the homes that they inspect. While this seems a bit much to ask, it is still your responsibility to provide the buyer with what they want. However, bathroom renovation can become expensive quickly, and it can eat away at the profits you plan to take from your house flip. The solution is to make the most of your money by knowing what key elements must be tended too, and what you can get by with just smoothing over.

The first detail that absolutely must be taken care of is flooring. While you can get buy with linoleum in an elegant design, this is where you will want to spend the bulk of your cash. Tile flooring in the bathroom can make a buyer out of a looker. You can find tile at discount flooring distributors, but another secret is to talk to the managers of furniture stores that do not specialize in flooring but instead sell it as a side product. Often you will find that they keep discontinued floor stock in their back room at extremely discounted prices. Even more effective is to talk to the owners of private furniture stores about their excess tile stock, as retail chain owners are restricted in their negotiating power. Remember to select a neutral, clean color, such as white or beige, that will compliment the bathroom’s other features.

Next, take a good look at the current wall covering that is in place in your bathroom. A fresh coat of paint is always in order. However, do not choose just any paint. Select a brand name paint, and ask your hardware store associate about the best formula for your needs. Also, keep neutral but modern paint colors in mind. White is no longer appealing in bathrooms. Most home shoppers who see white bathroom walls instantly see a work project that must be undertaken, and this is certainly not what you want. Warm nudes and beige tones work well, but deep shades such as hunter green, royal blue, and scarlet red are now considered neutrals as well. You will want to choose a shade that will match any prospective buyer’s tastes, so select a color that won’t take the attention away from the bathroom’s beautiful features with its boldness. A good idea for first time house flippers is to select a beige wall color and then add a wallpaper trim that contains one of the deep colors mentioned above to add a subtle pop of color. In general, stay away from full cover wallpaper on your lower budget house flipping projects. In addition to being a hassle, it is too easy to select a wallpaper design that clashes with the tastes of others. What one may see as a sophisticated design, another may see as being gaudy and loud. Paint is generally accepted in the same way by all. Therefore, until you are better accustomed to choosing options for someone whom you’ve never met, stick with paint and trim.

The sink and mirror play a large role in your remodeling project, however the task of enhancing both doesn’t have to be as daunting as it may seem. With sinks, generally you will want to purchase a modern pedestal design. It’s as simple as that. Pedestal sinks can be purchased for less than $100.00 at hardware stores. Another well loved bathroom feature that many home buyers look for is the double vanity sink. However, these sinks can be pricey and can take away from the visual space of the bathroom, despite the storage space that they often offer. With low budget projects, stick with the pedestal. The mirror that accents your sink is immensely important as well. Should you choose to use a pedestal sink, replace any square cabinet mirrors with round hanging mirrors that have a solid, thick border (for an example, visit http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetail productId;=66654-405-95018 lpage;=none ). Losing the bulky cabinet will add space, and the round shape will accent the pedestal sink’s curves. Taking away both the mirrored cabinet and the sink cabinet take away bulk, and add elegance and much relished space to your bathroom.

Finally, pay a great deal of attention to your bathroom’s storage availability. This is especially necessary when you consider the storage that is taken away in the sink/mirror remodeling step. While installing a large bathroom closet would be a wonderful idea, it isn’t going to be possible with the cash you’ll have left over after the aforementioned remodeling steps have been taken. Therefore, look at the tiny details and the small crevices of the room that could be used for storage. Obviously, you will need to install a toilet tissue holder and a small hook for hand towels (never use racks or bars, as they take up too much space). Next, look for the most open area on the bathroom’s wall and install a storage nook. In it, you might use decorative shelving or small cubbies, or a combination of both. Use your creativity to construct a simple but very useful design. This area should be used for towels and bathroom necessities such as extra tissue, cleaning supplies, wash cloths, additional towels, etc. At least one area of your bathroom must be available for private items, so install a hanging cubby that has doors if necessary. Finally, install an over-the-sink toothbrush holder alongside an over-the-sink soap holder for the final touches.

Finish your newly remodeled bathroom off by looking at the details. If items such as door knobs, light switch covers, and sink handles need to be replaced, see too it immediately. Sellers will notice these items. If your budget doesn’t allow the replacement of these items, simply purchase heavy duty brass cleaner and bathroom sprays to clean each feature thoroughly. Finally, go over the top three features of a quick selling home’s bathroom, which are style, storage, and space. If your remodeled bathroom meets all three requirements easily, you can rest easy as you sell your home.