Bathrooms are commonly decorated in water themes, and for very good reason. What better place to decorate in a water-related theme than the bathroom? When looking for decorating ideas, do something unexpected and unique. Consider going with a much drier option. A dry sandy wasteland is a fantastic subject, and it presents many creative options. Use these easy ideas for decorating a bathroom in a desert theme, and create a unique indoor oasis with dry desert style.

Create Walls that are as Blue as a Dry Desert Sky

When decorating a bathroom in a desert theme, begin by updating the walls and ceiling with color. Consider choosing light sky-blue. The walls and ceiling are the ideal location to replicate the cloudless blue skies of the desert. Select the perfect hue by taking a print of a desert sky to a paint supply store. They will be able to flawlessly match the color.

Use a Potted Faux Cactus as a Unique Towel Holder

Real cacti are not ideal in a bathroom. They do not require much water to survive. On the contrary, too much moisture will kill them, and the humidity in a bathroom is far too high. Forget about decorating with real cacti, and do something different to creatively match the desert theme of the space. Instead of using a classic towel bar, use a potted faux cactus as a unique free-standing towel holder. The pot should be heavy, and the cactus should be secure. Each arm can be used to hold a single towel.

Create an Eye-Catching Desert Display on a Shelf

Overdoing any one subject is not impressive, especially in a small space such as a bathroom. When seeking ideas for decorating in a desert theme, display a few desert-related items. Mount a shelf at eye-level, and embellish the shelf with items such as a cast resin scorpion, desert stones, a small faux animal skull, a coiled desert snake or a single faux cactus in bloom. This will look far more impressive than filling the entire room with faux cacti and the like. Add just a few high-quality items for the best overall look. A few items will gain more attention than dozens.

Accessorize with Sand-Colored Bath Towels and Rugs

Since a desert floor is covered in sand, consider decorating the bathroom further with sand-colored bath towels and plush absorbent throw rugs of the same hue. The neutral color will go well with absolutely any flooring, and it will lend style and appeal to the decorating scheme and theme of the bathroom.