Blue and brown are one of the latest and most trendiest color combinations when decorating a home, and it is no wonder why. It is a beautiful amalgamation, especially in a bathroom. These colors were often used in floor tile in the late fifties and early sixties, and those fortunate enough to have kept the old tile can use it as a basis when decorating the walls, horizontal surfaces and more. Use these creative ideas for decorating a blue and brown bathroom, and have fun with this eye-catching color combination.

Bathe the Walls in a Rich Shade of Tan or Light Cerulean

Bathrooms are typically small, and smaller spaces should not be closed in even further by deep dark colors. When looking for ideas on decorating a blue and brown bathroom, bathe the walls in a rich shade of tan. It will coordinate very well with blue and brown bathroom accessories, and it will feel warm and inviting.

If tan is not a desirable option, a light shade of blue is also an excellent choice. When trying to coordinate the color choice with existing floor or wall tiles, choose a lighter shade of the same hue for the best overall look. Either color will work when decorating a bathroom in blue and brown. The darker shades can be used when incorporating accessories into the bathroom d├ęcor.

Buy Towels and Throw Rugs in Blue, Brown, and Tan

As previously mentioned, blue and brown are popular color combinations when decorating a bathroom, and towels and throw rugs are readily available in these eye-catching color combinations. Visit any discount store or department store, and search for towels, throw rugs and bath mats that include blue, brown and tan. They will add to the vibrancy and appeal of this bathroom decorating scheme that is based on color.

Consider Decorating with an Ocean or Nautical Theme

When looking for ways of decorating a bathroom in blue and brown, consider coming up with a decorating theme. Consider an ocean or nautical theme. This is ideal when decorating a bathroom in blue and brown since blue is the color of the sky and water, and brown is the color of beach sand and shell accents. The article entitled Ways to Decorate a Bathroom with Shells provides many creative ideas.