Kids love having a bedroom theme, but not every child or parent wants the latest cartoon character or pop star gracing their walls. Some prefer timeless themes such as activities or animals, and the panda is a classic choice. Try these ideas for decorating a bedroom in a panda theme. Unlike trendy options, this loveable subject will never go out of style.

Paint the Walls Light Foliage Green to Fit the Theme

When looking for decorating ideas for a child’s bedroom with a panda theme, begin with wall color. Use a color found in the natural habitat of the panda. It will serve as a beautiful backdrop for wall art and more. Select a soft shade of foliage green when decorating a bedroom in a panda theme. Since it is a cool color, it will promote relaxation while enhancing the bedroom theme.

Decorating a Bedroom with a Sky-Blue Ceiling

Those brave enough to consider decorating expansive areas of the bedroom in exciting new ways should consider painting a partly cloudy sky-blue ceiling. In some instances, blue and green do not go well together, but when it comes to decorating, this unwritten rule does not apply. When decorating a bedroom in a panda theme, paint the ceiling a beautiful shade of sky-blue. When the blue paint dries, randomly add a few white puffy clouds using a damp rag or a sponge and cloud-white paint. If the bedroom has a ceiling fixture, paint a bright yellow circle around the light to replicate the sun. Simply trace around a large plastic utility tub or something similar. When the light is on this added decorative touch will look absolutely stunning.

Make an Easy Faux Tree for a Cuddly Toy Panda

When decorating a bedroom in a panda theme, it would not be complete without a faux eucalyptus tree and a cuddly panda bear. Instead of buying an expensive faux tree, make one using a heavy planter, florist foam, a real tree branch, faux foliage, narrow gauge wire, decorative pebbles, and dried eucalyptus.

Begin by filling the planter with florist foam. Next, plant the faux tree branch in the center of the foam. Attach the dried eucalyptus and artificial foliage to the branches using the narrow gauge wire. Cover the florist foam with decorative pebbles. Lastly, place a stuffed panda bear in the tree where he can munch on the fragrant eucalyptus leaves. Use this display for decorating an empty corner of the bedroom. It will add a lot of visual appeal while enhancing the theme of the room. It will smell great too!

Buy an Oversized Plush Panda Bear

A bedroom decorated in a panda theme would not be complete without an oversized plush panda bear. Buy an extra-large plush panda, and place him in an empty corner, next to the bed, next to the aforementioned faux tree, or in another appropriate place. He will look right at home after decorating the bedroom with foliage green walls beneath a sunny blue-sky ceiling.

Decorating with Black and White Bedding to Match the Theme

When decorating a bedroom in a panda theme, embellish the bed with panda bear colors. Select a reversible black and white comforter, and embellish the bed with a variety of throw pillows. Choose fuzzy black and while pillows of various shapes, and include a few stuffed panda bears. Floral pillows can also be used when decorating a bedroom in a panda theme. They will add vibrant color against the black and white background, and the bed will appear rich, luxurious and very inviting.