Nothing feels quite as comfortable as a pair of worn blue jeans. This feeling of relaxation and comfort can be incorporated into one of the most commonly used rooms in the home. Consider decorating a living room in denim, and make it a unique, relaxing and welcoming space. Use these creative decorating ideas, and transform your living room into an inviting space with stylish denim accents.

Buy Denim Slipcovers for Upholstered Living Room Furniture

When decorating a living room in denim, begin with the furniture. If the upholstery is not denim, consider buying slipcovers. For the greatest selection, search the Internet for denim furniture covers. They are available to fit chairs, loveseats and sofas of all sizes and shapes, and when they are high in quality they will fit like a glove. When properly placed over and around the furniture, they will not bunch up or look sloppy. When they are of exceptional quality, they will not even look like slipcovers. Best of all, they can turn the ugliest furnishings into pieces that look like new.

Make Real Blue Jean Throw Pillows

Old blue jeans are worth saving for crafts, and they can be used when decorating a living room in denim. Cut the legs off at the crotch, and stitch them closed along with the opening at the waist. Add pillow stuffing to create simple but unique living room throw pillows. Turn them inside out when sewing the openings closed, and leave just a small space for adding the stuffing. Hands-stitch the small opening closed and they will be ready for decorating living room furnishings in comfy and stylish new ways. For added creativity, thread eye-catching fabric belts through the belt loops. Bandanas are an excellent choice, but with scarves and other materials, the decorating and design possibilities are endless.

Decorate a Bare Living Room Wall with Denim Blue Sconces and More

When decorating a living room in denim, coming up with wall decor is not as tricky as it might seem. Everything does not have to be wrapped in blue jean material, but using the color to accent the living room is a must. Consider decorating a bare wall with a pair of stylish candle sconces that include denim blue candles. Place them on either side of a large wall mirror or a work of art. Cowboys, horses, a scenic barn or a southwestern theme are all excellent choices when looking for corresponding wall art. Even a painting of a vase filled with white Shasta daisies with sunny yellow centers would look great when decorating a denim living room in fun and creative new ways.