There is something whimsical and rustic about log cabins. They can bring about reminiscence of an earlier, less hectic time. While you could just simply move into your log cabin and live in it as-is, wouldn’t you rather put forth a little extra effort to enhance its atmospheric mood? After all, you deserve to enjoy the most comfort from your log cabin home that you can afford and proper interior lighting is your key to bliss; the last thing you want is a harsh lighting style that reminds you of the office at work. Here are ten easy steps you can use as a guide for installing the perfect interior lighting in your log cabin.

1. Decide what kind of light you want. You should be after warm light which gives a yellowish tint that is easy on the eyes. Cool light, which gives off a harsher blue/white light will distract from the rustic nature of the log cabin.

2. Modern interior decorators love track lighting. However, track lighting is very contemporary; if you choose to use it, you may want to make sure it is installed in places where it can be somewhat hidden, such as behind some hanging plants or along a lip in the ceiling.

3. If you choose to use track lighting in your log cabin, be sure to purchase all the parts from the same manufacturer; track lighting parts are not interchangeable.

4. Maybe you would like to include recessed lighting in your log cabin. If so, keep in mind spacing so that it does not become too distracting; 4″ lights should be placed four feet apart, 6″ lights should be placed six feet apart , and so on. Also a recessed light should be place directly overhead your intended reading area to avoid shadows cast by your head or shoulders.

5. If you’ve decided that track lighting and recessed lighting are too contemporary, wall sconces and table lamps are your next best options.

6. Wall lights can do a lot to add to the rustic nature of your log cabin; they are similar to old-fashioned oil lanterns and can add an extra touch of detail to an otherwise bare spot.

7. If you intend to use wall sconces as a lighting source for your log cabin, be sure to shop around for antique varieties. They are often crafted in bronze finishes which highlight the finish of your log cabin walls beautifully.

8. In the case of table lamps, antique varieties are also recommended but you will likely want to change out the shade; most table lamps will come with a stark white shade which can hurt your lighting efforts.

9. Remember to design your lighting scheme around works of art or antique highlights such as old tools. Track lighting and recessed lighting is perfect for making specific interior attributes stand out.

10. Try to avoid trend lighting such as lava lamps or colorful fiber optic display pieces. For holiday lighting, choose only white light strings or strings that incorporate a multitude of colors; both will create a warm lighting effect.

Use these easy steps as a guide to your log cabin lighting endeavor and you are sure to enjoy all the whimsical, comfortable bliss that you so richly deserve.