The use of the color blue in the interior of your home can add a wide range of atmospheres from relaxing to dramatic. Blue comes in so many shades, and it can add that special touch to your home. This article will discuss the interior use of blue in your home decorating.
Walls and Floors

Blue is a great color for walls and floors and the varying shades can cause different feels. Lighter shades of blue and pastel hues will add openness and an airy feeling to rooms. Dark shades can shrink a room unless it is paired with lighter shades such as white or pastels. The combination of dark blue and light colors will add a dramatic look to a room.

The amount of blue or the space you use this color in will change the atmosphere this color will create. Using a blue border around a wall will add depth and detail. Blue doors and molding adds elegance and detail to home decor. You can choose these details to compliment or contrast a room. Dark blue molding compliments light colored rooms. Pastel blue details combine nicely with dark shades of blue, grey, green, and neutral colors.


Blue furniture can come in a variety of colors. Bright shades and deep hues will add drama and personality to a room with pale walls. Sky blue adds a cheerful feeling, and pastel blue adds country charm especially if it has a weathered look to it. Slate blue is very attractive and sophisticated, and it will match well with many other color combinations. Blue furniture is a great way to add blue to a room without painting the walls.


There are many blue accessories that will add personality in home decorating. Blue is a popular color for glass, and lamps, vases, and blue glass bottles will add a stylish feel to your home. Blue ceramic is charming and goes great with a country or rustic feel. Blue curtains can come in heavy or light material. They can add a cool tone of relaxation while keeping cold air out in the winter. These simple accessories add blue to a room with little effort.

Blue comes in many tones. Vibrant aqua shades are reminiscent of the ocean, morning glory blue is a pale and warm hue, and midnight blue is dark and deep. All of these colors can be used in home decorating to add that unique feel to the interior of your home.