Many little boys love the cool style of race cars, and the super fast excitement of the sport of racing. What better way for him to enjoy the thrill of the checkered flag, than decorating your kid’s bedroom in a race car and racing theme? With the easy decor ideas outlined below, you can turn an ordinary kid’s bedroom into a racing fantasy.

Race Cars and Racing Decor Idea – Painting

There are multiple painting decor ideas for a race car and racing kid’s bedroom. It is fun to paint different things on different walls. One great thing to paint on one wall is the grandstand at a race. Paint a large grey block with blue at the top. Then, use one round sponge to dab in faces, and one rectangular sponge to make the bodies. You can use different colors for the skin and clothing. If you wish, you can paint in smiling faces. Add some freehand flags at the top of the stands.

Another way to paint the walls for a kid’s bedroom of race cars and racing is by painting a roadway. At the top of the wall, paint the blue sky. Then, paint a patch of green grass. At the bottom, paint a black or grey roadway with white half-tire or hay bale edging.

Race Cars and Racing Decor Idea – Furniture

There are beds you can purchase that actually look like race cars. However, if you do not want to spend that kind of money, you can use large cutouts from plywood, painted to look like racecars. Attach these to either side of your kid’s bed frame. The dressers can be painted to look like stands, or giant tool boxes. You can replace the drawer pulls and handles with large nuts, or small hand tools bolted to the furniture.

Race Cars and Racing Idea – Decor Accessories

Decor ideas for your kid’s race car bedroom include a light that looks like a red, yellow and green stoplight, checkered flag curtains, and a waste basket that looks like stacked tires. Another great racing decor idea is to hang green, yellow, and checkered flags from the walls, or hang bunting across the edges of furniture.

This kid’s bedroom decor idea will be a winner with your racing fan. Using the painting, furniture, and other decor ideas described above, your kid’s bedroom will be transformed into a race car and racing dream. He will enjoy the authentic feel to crowds, car, and checkered flags waving in the race day breezes.