Absolutely anyone can visit a home d©cor store or the bathroom decorating and supply aisle of their local discount store and buy what they need to give the space a completely new look. This results in having the same look as countless others. Forget about spending a small fortune on plastics for the lavatory, and use natural d©cor in original ways. Use these natural decorating ideas for the bathroom, and add floral stamps, natural baskets of pinecones and more. The options are endless and far cheaper than overpriced store-bought accessories that are typically made in China.

Decorating with Pinecones

Pinecones are free decorating accessories provided by nature, and they can be found all over the ground in areas with large pine trees. Choose the solid woody kind instead of the soft sticky variety, and use them as a bathroom theme. Fill a natural woven basket with perfect specimens along with dried pine sprigs, and use others for decorating with stamped works of art. Apply acrylic craft paint, and use the natural stamp when decorating a dark green fabric shower curtain, window treatments and decorative towels.

Ferns and Flowers for Bathroom Decorating

Not everyone has good luck with ferns, but they can be used as a natural part of the bathroom decorating scheme. Consider decorating with ferns and flowers in the bathroom, but in a not-so-conventional way. Use natural fern branches to stamp a border on bathroom walls and on a fabric shower curtain. Apply two or more shades of green paint to a natural fern branch, and practice stamping paper before moving on to more permanent items. The various shades will provide depth, and even someone without artistic ability can pull this off with a little practice.

Decorating with Seashells

Are seashells more interesting and appealing? Use a variety of natural shells when decorating the bathroom. Even if you do not plan to visit the ocean shore, shells can be purchased online and in discount stores. They can be found near the dried flowers and vases in Walmart, and they are sold by the bag. The article entitled Ways to Decorate a Bathroom with Shells provides a number of great ideas. Natural art can be very eye-catching, and items found along the shore or collected by someone else can result in a lovely bathroom unlike any other.