Unique headboards can create a new look in your bedroom and promotes creativity in your decoration style. Picket headboard is one of the inventive and unique headboards around, especially targeted for children bedrooms, and people who love the outdoor or country feeling, or people who are after garden-themed bedrooms. For children, the picket fence headboard theme can act as an outdoor substitute. Parents can add decorations of butterflies, small trees, sun and clouds on the wall to create an outdoor feeling. For adults, they can set up a small water fountain and in-house plants in their bedroom hence creating a country garden feeling when combined with the picket fence headboard. It is all up to the decorator on what to combine with the picket fences, since the picket can work with many other themes too.

To start assembling the picket fence headboard, first gather up your hardware tools. Next, measure the width of the bed to determine how far the picket will stretch. Measure also the suitable height for the picket that would look good with the bed. You can opt for pickets with identical heights or pin point the center picket and make it the highest point. If you are using the highest center point, the other pickets’ heights will gradually decrease from the center point to the end. Next, cut the pickets to the measured size. You can find readily pickets at the lumber yard or buy a piece of board and cut it to your preferred size. Use sandpaper to rough out the gritty edges and sides. Place a straight, long board and start arranging the picket unto the board; flat end. Determine the space that you want between the pickets, and start cutting out spacers. Place the spacers between the arranged pickets. Then, cut the backer board to the picket’s stretch and this will be placed at lower and upper parts of the picket. Start putting on glue on the pickets (upper and lower parts) and place the backer board at the glued locations. Make sure the spacers are glue-free as they will be removed after this step. Wait until the glue dries. Remove the spacers and drive nails unto the backer and pickets to strengthen the grip. Now, measure the cross brace, cut board into the measured size and attach the cross brace using glue and nails. The cross brace combined with the two backers will look like the alphabet ‘Z’. The fence is now finished and ready for painting.

The paint color will determine the mood or environment of your bedroom. For natural wood look, decorators can just sand and varnish the surface. Paint it white if you want to go original. For experimental decorators, you can paint the pickets with the shades that you prefer and colors that would suit the theme that is being used in your bedroom.

When the paint is dry, decorators can either just place the pickets behind one end of the bed or decorators can hang the whole picket using suitable wall mount hangers. Do remember that when determining the height of the pickets, the height of the bed surface including the mattress and pillows has been included too. If not, the pickets will be hidden behind the mattress and pillows. Finally, add up your creative ideas as final touch to make the picket fences headboard becomes more unique (such as colorful paper butterflies and flowers on the wall for children bedroom; and wheat stalk or artificial flowers or in-house green plants and small water fountain for adults).