A lampshade is a popular lighting fixture designed to diffuse light in a room. Early designs mainly used glass or fabric as the shade material surrounding the light bulb. Since then, the designs have evolved significantly as more materials become more popularly used as well. Yet, the main purpose of a lampshade generally remains the same. It is utilized as a source of ambient lighting with a soft glow to enhance the look of a room.

Glass Lampshades

A simple and cheap glass lampshade typically utilizes a plain glass, while a fancier one can feature intricate designs, marks, and paintings. The overall softening effect of this type of lampshade depends on the color, texture, and thickness of the glass used. Although there is a large variety of mass-produced glass lampshades, there are also a number of classy and artistic ones that feature glass materials with complex or intricate designs. Some of the popularly used ones include tiffany glasses, handmade blown or stained glasses, and oriental-designed glasses.

Fabric Lampshades

Apart from being an effectively diffusing fixture that influences the ambience of the lighting inside a room, a fabric lampshade is generally lighter and less fragile than most lampshade types. Generally, it is easier to transport because of the type of material used for it. It is typically made out of plain cotton, silk, satin, or any other widely used fine and durable fabric. Its designs can showcase simple weaves, intricate paintings and markings, and other designs that can range from classic emblems to contemporary and post-modern artworks. Some designs also use simple fabrics with solid colors.

Rawhide Lampshades

Rawhide lampshades are made from a specific type of leather material. They are typically crafted and painted by hand. This kind of lampshade generally provides a quaint, classic, earthy, or western look to a room. The material used for it specifically differs from other leather products as it is not exposed to the tanning process that a leather usually gets. This makes it look sturdy and durable, while also maintaining a texture similar to a clear parchment of wood or paper. The rawhide material can be conveniently stretched and shaped when wet, then it retains its form once it gets dry.

Wicker Lampshades

A wicker lampshade is distinct of its use of wicker, a plant material formed into strands and woven into a frame. This type of frame effectively provides a natural and eco-friendly lampshade body. It can showcase interesting patterns on the walls because the woven part surrounding the lampshade’s bulb creates patterned shadows around the room. The wicker is also a good material to use because it is very pliable and it can easily be bent into varying shapes.