Selling your home can be a long drawn out process if the home is either unsightly or in a state of disrepair. Home owners who are considering selling, or who are trying to sell should be considering all ways that they can improve their homes condition and overall value. Doing this will attract more buyers and increase the amount of money that the home is worth. The amount a home is valued at, or worth, is the amount it can be sold for.

There are several ways that home owners can increase their homes value. Updates and repairs to siding, windows and the roof can be made to a homes exterior to increase it’s appeal and value. Changes and improvements such a fountains, gardens, and such can be made to the landscape which also increase a homes value. Increased value improves your homes chances for being sold.

The interior of your home is the inside of your home. The walls, ceilings, and floors are on the interior. All that is seen inside the home is in the interior.

Interior walls should be in good shape and have eye appeal. None likes to look at a wall that has holes in it or unsightly paint. Any holes that are in the walls of the interior of your home should be repaired. Sheetrock mud can be used to fill in small holes. Large holes will need to have to be replaced. If there is a large hole in a sheet rocked wall the area can simply be cut out and replaced. Cut it from stud to stud and fit in a new and pre-measured piece of sheetrock. Screw it in, mud, and sand. The area should be repainted with the same paint used for that wall previously, or the entire wall should be repainted after repairs are made. If the are is sanded properly there will be no evidence of a hole ever being there. If the walls are paneling then a sheet will have to be replaced for large holes. Make sure it matches the existing wall or else it will stand out like a sore thumb and a buyer will end up having to replace all of the paneling in the room.

The eye appeal and attractiveness of your homes exterior walls comes into play after repairs are made. All walls should be appealing to the eye. No careless paint jobs. No torn or damages wall paper or wall border. Nice, solid molding in good condition, not missing, cracked or damaged molding. When everything that is seen is in good shape and is unsightly your homes value will be much higher than if it is unsightly and damaged looking.

People want to buy and live in homes that are full of nice looking, comfortable rooms. Interior decorating is a way of describing an art of making the inside of your home look good. If your homes interior is decorated tastefully the value will be at it’s highest potential value. If not it won’t. Adding simple things like nice curtains or wall border to a plain room will do wonders. Keeping colors matching and blending in curtains, walls, floors, and furniture helps too. Too many colors is not good, and too few is bland. Color can be added with accents and accessories like wall hangings, curtains, and knickknacks. A too full room will make it look cluttered and small. Organize the things in your rooms and make sure everything is in it’s place when potential buyers come to view. This will make your homes rooms look larger and more functional. Also make sure everything is clean. A clean home looks good to the eye where a dingy and dusty house does not.

Interior ceilings should be repainted. This will brighten up rooms and give each one a fresh and new look. A dingy ceiling looks dull. It makes the room look bland and uninviting. Ceilings with obvious water damage stains will send potential buyers running in the opposite direction. Repair all exterior roof problems, repair the damaged areas of the ceiling, and repaint for your best chances of increasing your homes values and selling it too.

Floor are the last main focus of a homes exterior. A home with fresh, new carpet has a higher interior value than one with dirt, stained, damaged carpet. People don’t like anything to look dirty when they are considering living in a home. Cleanliness and newness is very important, especially when it comes to flooring. A cracked linoleum floors makes a kitchen look unsightly, where as nice, new linoleum or tile make it look inviting and functional. The same applies to every room in the home.

These simple things can easily be done to your homes interior to improve the overall value of your home. When you improve your homes interior you give it a fresh, new, welcoming look. This is what buyers want. They want something that looks new for them, not lived in by you for the last twenty years. Good luck!