This romantic paint palette for a a Feng Shui bedroom has one sensual color at its heart: pomegranate. A pomegranate is a passion-red fruit with succulent seeds. The pomegranate has sexual connotations and is often associated with female fertility. Use the lush pomegranate color as the main accent paint color and home decor accessory color when designing a Feng Shui bedroom for romance.

Romantic Feng Shui Bedroom Paint Palette: Pomegranate Passion

Using a pomegranate color in the Feng Shui bedroom will help stimulate romance. The reddish hues in the pomegranate paint colors create both energy and a masculine vibe. Because the energy is so strong from colors in the red family, use the pomegranate paint color in moderation.

Red symbolizes love and romance, so the red of a pomegranate cozies up well to a romantic Feng Shui bedroom.

A current trend in paint colors is to focus on the energetic hues and worldly hues. Interior paint colors which resemble pomegranates are ideal for both the current color trend and for creating a Feng Shui bedroom dripping with romance.

Romantic Feng Shui Bedroom Paint Palettes

Pomegranate will be the main accent color and the focus in this romantic Feng Shui bedroom. It will be joined by neutral colors that create a calming effect in the Feng Shui bedroom. Match home decor accessories and linens to the pomegranate-inspired hues.

Pomegranate Paint Palettes from Sherwin-Williams Paint

Start with Coral Bells from Sherwin Williams Paint. This coral red hue mimics the lighter shades of the lush pomegranate. Tone the room done with earthy and fertile hues of golden brown including Eminent Brown and Independent Gold.

For a bit more red in your accent color select Red Bay from Sherwin Williams Paint. Use Biltmore Buff, a pale flesh tone as the main room color. Add a warm Umber for a bit of spice.

The membranes holding the pomegranate seeds together also serve to inspire a romantic Feng Shui Bedroom. For a passionate paint palette with pink, consider Sherwin Williams’ Cosmetic Peach. Use Chrysanthemum from Sherwin Williams for a touch of warmth. These colors pair well with a cool icy white, Extra White by Sherwin Williams. Next to these other hues, the white has a slight blue tint.

Another light-hearted option for a romantic Feng Shui bedroom paint palette is to focus on a pinkish coral color called Lei Flower from Sherwin Williams Paint. Combine it with a light Grapy, for a soothing effect. A tough of elegance is added with the silvery neutral color, Silverpointe from Sherwin Williams.

Pomegranate Paint Palettes Ralph Lauren

Create a romantic Feng Shui bedroom with Ralph Lauren Home paints, if that suits your style. One palette uses the deep, overly-ripe pomegranate paint color called, Pomegranate.

Court the romance with the deep brown Ralph Lauren Warwick Lodge, and top it all off with a warm Walnut from Ralph Lauren. For a nuetyral, consider Picket White Fences, also from the Ralph Lauren Home palette.