Choosing a decorating style can be a lot of fun and it also gives you a chance to show your individual taste. You will also want to keep your needs in mind while you are choosing furnishings and a personal decorating style. Today bedrooms are used as more than a place to change clothes. Bedrooms have become a place to get away from it all and enjoy relaxing in a tranquil retreat.

There are three basic decorating styles: traditional, contemporary and transitional. Your furnishings can range anywhere from detailed and elaborate to clean and simple, depending on which decorating style you choose.

The fabrics and materials you choose will help carry out your decorating style. Traditional bedrooms will have a mix of colors and patterns and contemporary styles will have fewer colors and patterns throughout their design.

Before selecting a decorating style you should decide if you want your room to be formal or informal. Informal rooms will have more textured and matte finishes, while formal finishes tend to more on the smooth side. Fabrics with floral patterns are going to be associated with traditional decorating and the more abstract patterns will be used in informal decorating styles.

You can add interest to your bedroom by varying the textures of the fabric and other materials that are being used in the room. If you are using a single color in a room, it is important to use several different textures. Fabrics have a variety of textures as well as the walls, floors and accessories. A smooth wooden headboard can contrast with a thick tapestry bedspread. A shiny hardwood floor can contrast with a plush area rug.

Color is a key element in the d├ęcor of any room. When selecting a color palette, your personal tastes should guide you as opposed to the current colors that are in style. Keep in mind that light colors will make a space appear larger. This is the reason that most rooms usually have white ceilings, making the room look larger. However, if you would like a cozy room, you may want to go with warmer colors that tend to be on the darker side.

Most of all, you will want your bedroom to be comfortable and this should have a lot do with the decorating style that you select for your bedroom. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a place that you go to relax and find peace. Decorating and making the selections for your bedroom, should be an experience that you will enjoy.