Leather is a rich material perfect for decorating in the bedroom. You can use leather as accents in the bedroom, whole pieces of furniture, and even as art! So, try out one of these 3 ways to decorate with leather in the bedroom and create a rich and expensive professional look in no time.

Leather Bedroom Décor #1: Leather Frame Mattes

So, If you are a little wary of overwhelming the bedroom with leather than try it as an accent. You can use leather as a matte in picture frames. You can opt to use the glass or not, either way will have a pull together rich and professional look!

Go ahead can take your picture frame apart. Trace the cardboard backing onto your leather or faux leather on the worn g side. Cut it out.

Now, reassemble the whole picture frame with the leather in the background. Add your photo on top use picture corners are some triangles cut out of black leather!

You can also cover old wood frames that are damaged with leather as well. Cut and miter the four piece of leather. Sew the four corners together. Lay it face down. Add the frame and wrap.

Pull the leather around on the back and tack into place.

Leather Bedroom Décor #2: Leather Art

Use a wood burning tool or leather engraving tool to engrave your own art into leather. For this idea you will want to buy leather by the yard or cut up old leather jackets from the Goodwill store.

Choose a simple design and draw it onto the leather with a thin fine tip marker. Leaves and branches are very Zen!

Now, use the wood burning tool or leather engraving tool to etch in the design! Stretch onto a canvas stretcher that you buy at the local art store and you have an awesome piece of leather art!

Teenagers really might like this as a fun craft project too!

Leather Bedroom Décor #3: Get Girly

Ok, so you are female and when you see leather in the home you think bachelor. Well, what about all those leather purses you have in the closet? You can use those to create some fun wall art with a girly look.

Take shadow box frames and hang them on the wall. Try to make a grid or a row of frames for the most visual impact.

Now, set one leather purse, pair of leather dress hoes, or leather accessory in each box as art!