Very few things are more complicated than decorating a narrow space. Such experience can make you spend a long time only to bring into the house all the things you need, without thinking to a way for them to look good.

Here are some tips that will help you in your attempt to decorate a very small room. First, you must know that the light is very important and the overall look of the room, especially the room’s size, depends on it. The mirrors reflect the light from a room and make it look more spacious. Placed on the wall in front of the window, the mirror will have a greater effect.

Assess the degree of illumination of the room and examine well the room’s corners, taking care that they are not shaded. For more light, add lighting objects on the wall, preferably suspended. Also, make sure the windows are decorated in bright colors.

It is essential to keep cleanliness in a narrow space, although this can be a challenge: anywhere you sit down, the things seem crowded and the mess appears quickly. Therefore we recommend you to use furniture and accessories that fulfill several functions at the same time (a coffee table with drawers, as it has a storage space; beds with drawers).

It is preferable the furniture’s division in small groups, than using a large space that gathers all the objects. Also, the room will be more attractive if the furniture is placed at a certain distance from the walls and not stacked on them. Regarding the bulky furniture- the bed, the sofa, the desk, and the closet- it is appropriate that they be placed in angle in front of the wall.

Establish ‘tracks’ over the room and arrange the furniture and the other accessories around them. Let a larger space around doors and windows and try to always keep free the shortest way to reach them.

Finally, get rid of ornaments (try to use them in line and depending on the season), minimize the number of art objects, use a single color for all the walls of the room (preferably a light or a warm one), move the photo collection to a special place (such as the walls that are up the staircase, which leads in the room) and, last but not the least, use shades in the room that ensure a harmonious environment.