A freshly painted home can make it look brand new. Remember to paint on a clear sunny day and open all the windows.With so many colors to choose from, just deciding on a color can be a challenge. I have a theme for each room, so I went with that. My kitchen is very light yellow, it has a sunflower theme. My bedroom has a ocean theme so it is pale blue with beige trim. You can paint each room the same color or you can be creative and paint rooms different colors. Here are some great tips and ideas to help you decide.
PAINT JUST ONE WALL: Try painting one wall a strong color and keeping the other walls white or another neutral shade like pale beige. The color becomes a focal point, and if it’s a large space it helps ground the room.

VISUALIZE YOUR FAVORITE PLACE: Think of a place you love to be and bring those colors into your home. If you love the beach and being by the water, use whites, beige’s and pale blues. If you love the great outdoors go with browns, greens and earth tones. I did my bathrooms in earth tones and added wildlife borders.

LOOK OUT THE WINDOW: Look at the view from your windows. You can visually expand a space by bringing in the colors you see outside the home, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors. This will bring in the feeling of outdoors.

COLOR MATCH: Find a beautiful flower, stone or even piece of jewelry and have it color matched at the paint store. Many companies do not charge for this and you will have a stunning color no one else has.

ACCENTUATE THE DETAILS: If you want to use bright colors like yellow or orange, but do not want to paint the whole room that color. Paint the walls white and paint the doors, moldings, and baseboards the bright colors.

FOCUS ON A ROOM’S PURPOSE: Some colors work perfectly for certain spaces but not for others. Entry ways should be a really beautiful color. It’s the first thing you see when entering a home. Strong colors can make a kitchen look cluttered, so it is recommended to use lighter colors.Bedrooms should have a calming color effect. And the living room should look more lively. It’s always preferred to use lighter colors in your home. The rooms tend to look bigger. You can use the darker colors on the doors, moldings and baseboards.

COLOR MATCH TO YOUR FURNITURE: If you have a beige and blue living room set. How about painting the walls a very light beige and the moldings and baseboards a darker blue. It will look great. If you do decide it’s easier to just paint everything white, remember their are so many different shades of white. You can play up the color by accenting with furniture, bedding, art etc.