If you are in the purchasing stage cabinet selection of your kitchen remodel, you are no doubt experiencing what can be a stressful decision regarding upper cabinet size. This can be made much easier for you if you think of your kitchen in a few easy to remember ways.

How do I use my kitchen now?

Of all the customers I’ve worked with over the years as a kitchen consultant, they all, to a person, hated their current kitchen. When I say hated, I mean hated in the first three definitions in webster. Curiously, much of the vitriol stems from an unlikely source. The upper cabinets. I hear things like;

“I can’t fit anything I want in them”

“Where do I put my cereal?” (This one, by the way, has surfaced every time)

“I can’t stand that soffit!”

“what can I put in the space above the uppers?” (The answer is nothing. Ever.)

How do I want to use my kitchen?

Believe it or not, very few customers can answer this question without help by a professional. What I can tell you in this brief article is that the most dramatic moment that I achieve with any customer of kitchen cabinets, is when I show them a 3-D image of the difference between a 30″ and 42″ upper cabinet. The comments I get range in levels of excitement, but the overall impression is significant. The 42″ upper fills the other-wise concealed and wasted space brilliantly. In addition, the upper cabinets give off the impression that a custom project had been done. This custom look can be achieved by orienting the upper cabinets all the way to the ceiling, or up to a crown moulding to create a seamless look with stock cabinets.

As upper cabinet manufacturers evolve, many different sizes and options are becoming available everyday. Utilize this to purchase stock cabinetry with the aid of a designer to achieve the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. And remember, if given the choice, always choose a 42″ upper cabinet.