Blue is the ideal color for a bedroom since it is naturally soothing and promotes relaxation. It can be used in ways that go far beyond paint, flooring and bedding when completely changing the appearance of the room. Decorating with wall art, shelving and accessories makes a huge difference, and it can make or break the total appearance. Try these ideas for decorating a bare wall in a blue bedroom, and immerse yourself in creativity and visual appeal.

Look for Metal Wall Art with Blue Accents

When many people think of metal wall hangings they envision something colorless and boring. Many works of metal wall art include vibrant colors and detailed accents. When decorating the walls in a blue bedroom, look for works of sculptured art with sapphire accents. From contemporary designs that come alive when illuminated by natural or artificial light to traditional floral wall hangings that pop off the wall with three-dimensional charm. Decorating options for bedroom walls are limitless.

Scenes in Cerulean

Depending on the style of the bedroom, consider a scenic work of art that includes a lot of blue. Traditional scenes in blue such as ocean waves and cerulean skies are absolutely gorgeous, especially in a bedroom. A tranquil meadow with a blue sky background is also an excellent choice when decorating in traditional style.

When seeking something contemporary, consider the artwork of Jon Allen. His Jewel-Toned wall art is magnificent, and the color is absolutely gorgeous. Look up the work of Jon Allen, and consider one of his works of art when seeking ways of decorating a bare bedroom wall. It changes with movement and light, and it can become a focal point when decorating a bedroom in blue.

Shelving for Holding Eye-Catching Decor

How about blue shelving when trying to add a splash of indigo when decorating a bedroom? Buy ordinary unfinished wood shelving, and spray paint it a color of your choice. It will look fantastic against a lighter blue wall, and it will look even better when topped with a vase filled with faux or real white flowers such as lilies or daisies.