An old-fashioned bathroom is quaint and comfortable. After all, what better style option exists when desiring leisurely bubble baths and long hot showers? The style of the lavatory does not have to match the style of the rest of the home. It is possible to successfully decorate each room in a home in a different style and/or theme, and the restroom is the perfect place to begin with an antique look. Consider these stylish ways to decorate an old-fashioned bathroom, and give it turn of the century charm.

Consider an Old-Fashioned Claw Foot Bathtub

A claw foot bathtub is perfect when looking for new ways to decorate an old-fashioned bathroom. They are very deep compared to standard tubs, and they are just the right shape for lying back and soaking after a long hard day. A heavy turn-of-the-century model is ideal – if it is in good shape, but an original is not required when striving to decorate with old-fashioned style. These days you can find acrylic claw foot bathtubs, and they can be used to beautifully decorate an old-fashioned bathroom in stunning new ways.

How About a Pedestal Sink?

If a minor remodel is in the works, how about choosing a pedestal sink instead of a vanity and sink top? This is ideal when trying to successfully decorate with authentic old-fashioned charm. A pedestal sink is the perfect addition to an old-fashioned bathroom. It does not offer hidden storage, but it will coordinate beautifully with the style of the bathroom.

Choose an Old-Fashioned Oval Wooden Framed Medicine Cabinet

When looking for ways to decorate a bathroom with antique style, choose an oval wood framed medicine cabinet/mirror. A regular framed wall mirror can be mounted above the sink, but a medicine cabinet offers hidden storage for small commonly used bathroom items. Select something either ornate or rustic, depending upon the level of style desired.

Install Open Wooden Shelving to Hold Commonly Used Items

If storage space is lacking in an old-fashioned bathroom, decorate further with open wooden shelving. It can be outfitted with baskets to hold commonly used items while keeping them somewhat hidden from sight. Perfume bottles and other eye-pleasing containers can become a part of the decorating scheme.

Add finishing touches such as a lush Boston fern on a pedestal and trinkets from the turn of the century. Take your time when selecting items that can be used to help decorate the bathroom. Shop eBay, and visit flea markets for the ideal decorating accessories. The bathroom might just become your favorite decorating masterpiece once it is complete.